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Fabrications by Zambia Reports while talking about God

Obviously, it is apparent that Zambia Reports (funded by the Ventriglias – Italian Mafias) and monitored by Sakwiba Sikota S.C., continues…

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Lungu’s call for prayers and fasting

By Antonio Mwanza Last time I wrote extensively about the prerequisites of reconciliation. Today I have basic questions: 1. What sin or sins does President Edgar Lungu want…

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Brazilian president cuts cabinet to save money

Brazilian president cuts cabinet to save money

Brasilia – Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff cut eight minister positions, as a money-saving measure, to leave her cabinet with 31 members rather than the 39 it had until…

Even dagga smokers party sees that junk Kwacha will cause misery

Lusaka registers highest new voters followed by Southern Province

Finance Bank spends K1.2m on boreholes