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Kambwili’s rantings at Chinsali girls

The information and broadcasting minister, honourable Chishimba Kambwili was at Chinsali girls secondary school this morning where he intended to address community members on various government achievements in…

Closing UNZA and CBU just PF gimmick

Editor, The Patriotic Front through its University of Zambia President Jones Mwewa has told the Zambian Observer while drinking at Vegas Anex that PF and the Minister of…

UNZA riots: shame on police

UNZA riots: shame on police

I  wish to express my disappointment with the police`s performance over the riot that was at the university of Zambia. The riot was due to the blaf or…

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Breaking News

NIPA students riot

NIPA students had by 21: 30 hours local time blocked roads protesting and rioting. Details coming. Earlier on his way to enjoy life in Europe, president Edgar Lungu…

UNZA and CB students have evil spirits, says Lungu

PF govt deregisters Democratic Front

PF diverts K989,000 Zambia Army sports fund, hikes the soldiers’ deductions