Lee Habasonda elected TIZ president

Former SACCORD Executive Director, Lee Habasonda, was today elected as the president of PF compromised Transparent International Zambia (TIZ). Sources within the organisation said Mr. Habasonda has replaced Reuben Lifuka in that position with the hope of rejuvenating TIZ which has so far been seemingly compromised by the PF government. Until now, Mr. Habasonda has […]

Juldan bus burns to ashes between 2 barracks as soldiers watch like fools

Juldan bus burns to ashes between 2 barracks as soldiers watch like fools

“It is sad and very dangerous that a fire can start just in front of two big military institutions; don’t they have equipment to have come and help instead of just waiting for the fire brigade, this fire could have generated into something worse considering that this a military boundary,” said Chanda who could not specify the ‘dangerous’ aspect of the fire in the military boundary.
Chanda also complained about the soldiers who instead of rescuing the passengers but were busy taking pictures of the burning bus using mobile phones.

First lady worried about incessant HIV, GBV

First Lady, Dr Christine Kaseba, says it is disheartening to note that despite the positive gains that Zambia and the world have made in the fight against HIV and AIDS and Gender Based Violence (GBV), there are still gaps that need to be tackled. Dr Kaseba described the state of affairs in the fight against […]

Patriotic Front´s (PF) political direction

By Lee Elias Tembo (Czech Republic)   In the recent past, Zambia´s political landscape has witnessed the massive birth and perpetuation of petrifying undemocratic tenets such as nepotism, greedy, misplaced priorities, political witch-hunt, alleged corruption within the ruling party elite and most principally, lies on the part of those given the constitutional mandate to run the affairs […]

Zambian soldiers sent on a wild goose chase in Barotseland

Editor, After failing to divide and rule the people of Barotseland through malicious lies, the Zambian Government is again manifesting its own insecurity and needless panic by committing the tax payers’ money to a fallacy. Not so long ago, the same Government had claimed that some Barotseland Freedom Movement leaders in Kaoma were recruiting retired […]

Photo of the day: Ndola under PF

Photo of the day: Ndola under PF

This picture, taken by Muvitv on Thursday November 29, 2012, shows how the ‘city’ of Ndola looks looks like, 15 months after the PF took over power. Though they don’t remember now, the PF promised to develop Zambia within 90 days. But as can be seen, garbage seems to be just one of the things that has […]