Sata ‘obeys’ HH’s directive to address mealie meal prices

Sata ‘obeys’ HH’s directive to address mealie meal prices

President Michael Sata has described the recent hike in mealie meal prices as unjustified and unacceptable. In an apparent reaction to opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s advise yesterday that the ruling PF should not to bring their political tricks and lies (donchi kubeba) to people’s lives through increased mealie meal prices in the country, president […]

Mealie meal high prices hit Kabwe barracks as prison recruits complain of deductions

Prison recruits currently undergoing training at the prisons training school in Kabwe have complained of the unnecessary deductions called messing fees that they are being subjected to and have called on the home affairs ministry to intervene as they strongly suspect that this money is ending up in senior officers’ pockets. And the mealie meal […]

Kabimba’s militia to drag Lubinda out of office, Kabwata election for Sata’s son

Kabimba’s militia to drag Lubinda out of office, Kabwata election for Sata’s son

The Winter Kabimba PF sponsored ‘militia’ group has today resolved to physically hound out Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda from his office on Monday. Sources who attended the meeting at the PF secretariat this morning have told the Watchdog that Kabwata Constituency Chairman David Silubanji has told the Kabimba youth militia to match to the […]

NGOs, church accuse Kabimba of trying to dilute corruption probe

Various stakeholders have expressed concern over Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba’s recent statement suggesting that he rejected a bribe from a named company which approached him in an effort to win the contract for the supply of crude oil to Zambia. This is a matter he is being investigated by the Anti Corruption Commission. The Zambia […]

Zambian children -A crisis of language

By Laura Miti Chances are that every Zambian parent who is reading this has children at home who speak only English. It is also very probable that all of us reading this have a Zambian language as our own first language. In other words, the language we speak best is not English. There is of […]

32 out of the unknown number of Sata’s districts ravaged by Army Worms

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL )  has revealed that 32 Districts in 7 Provinces of the country have been affected since the outbreak of African Army Worms whose economic impact is still uncertain. And the ministry has commenced started a massive sensitisation programme aimed at alerting farmers on the outbreak of army worms […]