Lungu heads to Kabwe to ‘dilute’ Mulungushi Textiles scandal

Following the expose of the differences that have emerged between PF government and Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited (METL) over the corrupt lease that was engineered by President Lungu, the head of state is expected to make an impromptu visit to Kabwe. While in Kabwe, Lungu will visit some institutions and the defunct textile plant where […]

Saunders says miners are bitter with PF

Political Analyst Dante Saunders says the continued job losses in the mining sector will have a negative impact on the performance of the PF during next year’s elections. Mr. Saunders has explained to QFM News that most miners, who have lost jobs, are bitter with government for failing to formulate policies that would have seen […]

PF minister confirms abuse of money for mortuary equipment

PF minister confirms abuse of money for mortuary equipment

Central province minister Davies Chisopa has confirmed that government is carrying out investigations into the abuse of money that was meant for mortuary equipment. He has however not stated how far, neither has he named the people being investigated. Earlier this year the Watchdog exposed a scam where money meant to acquire a cold room […]

Zambia army secretly recruiting army officers

Some top civil servants, PF politicians and senior army officers are secretly carrying out a recruitment exercise of their relatives who will join the army as commissioned officers, the said officers will be trained in a named foreign country as opposed to the Military Establishment of Zambia (MILTEZ) located at Kohima barracks in Kabwe. Under […]

Police boss says the bullet fired at Post newspaper was harmless

Police boss says the bullet fired at Post newspaper was harmless

Inspector-General of the PF Police Stella Libongani claims that the bullet that was fired at the Post Newspaper premises was harmless. Whoever heard of a harmless bullet? Libongani claimed that forensic investigations that were launched to ascertain the circumstances behind a shooting at The Post newspapers newsroom have revealed that the bullet was stray and […]

PF’s only ‘achievement’ in Western Province is arresting people over Barotseland Agreement

Sikongo MMD Member of Parliament Mundia Ndalamei has charged that the PF government has done nothing for the people of Western Province in the past four years apart from arresting them for merely reminding the government about the Barotseland Agreement of 1964. And Ndalamei has charged that Western Province has not benefited anything from the […]

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