Even ZRA workers haven’t been paid

ZRA workers not yet paid also. Last month, ZANACO helped to pay the Salaries for all the ZRA workers, an act which has not happened in a very long time. Normally, ZRA helps Government to pay Salaries for Civil Servants but if ZRA, the tax collector, is empty…then we know for sure that things are really […]

Fake Teachers exposed in Kasama

Dear Editor, Allow us space on your widely followed Facebook page in Zambia to share with the rest of the nation the happenings in the education sector in Northern Province. We wish to bring to light that many fake teachers recruited by PF government were yesterday exposed in Kasama after a thorough scrutiny of their qualifications. Most of the […]

‘No Salaries still’

Halo ka editor, I am a civil servant based in Chadiza. I just checked my account for the 10th time but each time it draws a blank. No salary. I don’t know, have other civil servants elsewhere been paid. Elo apa problem ku nyumba ya kooooooosa!!! Ganizani

‘But we produce gold and emerald also?

Editor, This thing about Copper Prices falling is just nonsense. Zambia produces other minerals so why the fuss about Copper? For example, Zambia produces about 20% of the world’s emeralds. Has the prices of emerald gone down as well? There are Substantial resources of iron ores –in excess of 500Mt, in Zambia. There is Manganese […]

Where are photos of masses who welcomed Lungu in Livingstone?

Where are photos of masses who welcomed Lungu in Livingstone?

Ba Editor, After watching the El Clasico in which my team Barca embarrassed and put Madrid were it belongs, I accidentally moved my channel to the disgraced and most useless channel on earth-ZNBC TV1. There was this man on the news apparently from the moon who was refuting a story published by the now born […]

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