PF and power cuts in Ngombe compound

Editor, I am a resident of Ngombe Township situated about 2 kilometres from Arcades Shopping Centre and what our neighbourhood is experiencing now is very embarrasing. Just imagine we only have power 5 hours a day and if we have it 10 hours in a day,then it means we will not have power the whole […]

Kambwili’s rantings at Chinsali girls

The information and broadcasting minister, honourable Chishimba Kambwili was at Chinsali girls secondary school this morning where he intended to address community members on various government achievements in the district. He was welcome by the provincial minister Mwimba Malama who complained of poor attendance, stating that the audience consisted mainly of civil servants. Mr. Kambwili […]

Kambwili admits PF has squandered our resources

Editor When Ba Kambwili speaks, we must all listen. When he speaks, GRZ has spoken! During 19hrs TV news, he was at it again. Using bemba, and as if speaking a lot of sense, he acknowledged that his government’s treasury is dry. Consequently, GRZ has discontinued many projects due to lack of funds. That clip […]

Closing UNZA and CBU just PF gimmick

Editor, The Patriotic Front through its University of Zambia President Jones Mwewa has told the Zambian Observer while drinking at Vegas Anex that PF and the Minister of Higher Education has planned the closure of two Universities. UNZA President said President Edgar Lungu directed Micheal Kaingu that he close the Universities and will be opened […]

UNZA riots: shame on police

UNZA riots: shame on police

I  wish to express my disappointment with the police`s performance over the riot that was at the university of Zambia. The riot was due to the blaf or rather less payments that the students received from the government after being delayed and waiting patiently for a period of time. My disappointment goes to the police […]

‘Interviews are Satanic’

Editor, Interviews are highly discriminatory and satanic. Some people are not good public speakers & others are. Using Interviews as a basis for selection of a right candidate for an opening would just give an advantage to those who are not necessarily good at their work but at speaking in public. Good public speakers are […]

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