Failed leadership

FINTU NI LUNGU Zambia was hoping for a better living when they voted for PF government but am here to remind you to say when a vision career dies people suffer. Now we have had the worst experience of leadership from this government, the Kwacha rate keeps failing, Electricity keeps affecting us except the state […]

Pure slavery at Insco Chicken

Dear Hard working watchdog, pliz hide my identity. I am working for Insco Chicken Inn and I with my work mates are experiencing slavery in our own nation as we strive to make a living. Our company had enough workforce and a company was contracted to offer cleaning services while prepared food for customers. But […]

‘What if the Kwacha appreciated?’

  All things being equal… Let’s assume the opposite happened where the Kwacha gained, say ZMW2.50 to US$1. Was our current regime in government going to tell the nation that it is because of the positive economic happenings around the globe? Or they will just take the glory like they did when oil prices went […]

At first they blamed God, now they are blaming us!

  At first they were blaming God for the current crippling load shedding, saying it is His fault. He didn’t give us enough rains. Now they are saying we are to blame for the load shedding because according to their sick heads, we the consumers use a lot of electricity every time they reinstall power […]

Do we have a caring government in Zambia?

Morning Watchdog, please hide my identity. I am a miner with NFC Africa Mining Plc Chambishi and as I write now I’m on one week forced leave as the company is sending 20 percent of labour on forced leave on a rotational weekly basis due to the force majuere (superior force) with CEC on the […]

misplacement of priorities in Roan constituency

Ba ZWD Help me to voice out the misplacement of priorities in developmental matters in Roan constituency… There is a need for human development in Roan constituency whose Mp is Honourable Kambwili. In Roan and Mpatamatu, there is a need for human basic needs approach to development so as to revamp the lives of the […]

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