PF cadres beat up teachers

Editor, The DEBS for Mulobezi a Mr George Liwena and Three other teachers were this morning attacked by Panga wielding PF cadres in Mulobezi, brutally beaten and injured. The Mulobezi MP Patricia Mulasikwanda is alleged to have intruded a meeting she was not invited to this morning leading to confusion and high tempers. The Mulobezi […]

Lecturers at Livingstone Business College protest

Lecturers at Livingstone Business College protest

Happening right now. Lecturers at Livingstone Institute of Business and Engineering Studies Striking over Late Salaries, Non Payment of Gratuities, Non Renewal of Contracts and they Want the Training Manager Mr. Daniel Mwale to go for intimidation and firing worker he has personal issues with.

Dora Silya’s matako politics

  By Antonio Mwanza Dora Siliya says she has used her MATAKO/Booty/Ass to get to the top in her political career. I for one wouldn’t mind alot if Dora decides to use her matako to be appointed Minister. But what worries me is the seed she is planting in the minds of the young women […]

Access bank Zambia is useless

Dear Editor Please help expose ACCESS BANK in Zambia Access bank in Zambia is a dying bank that doesn’t mean well. Why do we say so? The bank has been in the country for more years compared to other new banks that have demonstrated growth and improved services to their customers and better conditions to […]

Secretly recruited soldiers to pass soon

Editor, While more than 200000 youths who applied in Defense in September last year are waiting for Defense to release the names of of the few successful applicants, relatives of Kambwili and other senior Government officials are already training & their PASS OUT will be very soon. Government decided to recruit secretly so that people […]

Plight of police officers

Plight of police officers

Dear Editor, I would like to air my displeasure through your much frequented media by your friends across the globe and your foes in government institutions of Zambia. This is due to the fact that following laid down standard procedure will not help due to widespread bottle-necks and imposed gate keepers in public service. Over […]