HH’s interview on QFM

Yesterday on 1st October, 2015, I listened to HH’s interview on QFM from the time it started to the end and only those who hate him for no reason will be against what he said. Over 10 people called to express their opinions and only one gentle man by the name of Goma if not […]

First Quantuam Minerals changes name, working conditions

Editor, A lot of things has happened within a short time at First Quantum Mineral Operations 1 they have forced FQMO employees to start going to a company clinic which has poor services. They have even deducted K150 from our salaries without us signing the medical scheme, the company is remote controlling the Clinic, they […]

UNZA lecturers not paid for last month

UNZA lecturers not paid for last month

Dear Editor, Please hide my ID, The PF government are busy creating new higher education ministry when they are failing to pay salaries to the workers in higher education. UNZA salaries are supposed to be paid on 25th upto now zero . See the memo attached management has no idea even when it will paid […]

‘Edgar Lungu is a joke’

Dear Editor, I wish to register my disappointment with the happenings around our Headless Head of State Edgar Chagwa Lungu. I wish to state that he must know when it’s time for childish play and time for serious business pertaining to the running of state affairs. Of all the Presidents who went to New York […]

Lungu’s extravagance

The decision by President Edgar Lungu and his government to charter a private jet at a colossal sum of 300 000 US Dollars to go to Newyork is a demonstration that our leaders really do not care and are out of touch with reality otherwise how on earth could they indulge in such pomp and […]

Effects of load shedding on environment

Please help people understand the disastrous effect of load-shedding on the environment. The increase in these nationwide blackouts has led Zambians to increase demand and dependance on charcoal. Knowing very well that charcoal comes from trees and it doesn’t take one tree to fill a 50Kg bag. My greatest fear right now is the future […]