Teacher Recruitment

Ba ZWD please help me voice out my frustrations but hide my id. surely how transparent was the 2015 teacher recruitment? I hold a degree in Mathematics from the Copperbelt University and completed in 2014. I have been left out and yet people who are yet to even graduate lest alone write their final exams […]

Government starts another fake recruitment exercise

Ba watchdog post this for me: But kwena this government has no vision tebufi. How can you advertise Zambia prison recruitment exercise before releasing names of successfull applicants in Defense & Education? If you have failed to recruit teachers & soldiers where are you going to find money to recruit prison warders? We are tired […]

Lungu’s wasteful trip to Dar

Editor, How does president Edgar Lungu feel to realise that even before he landed from Tanzania (using poor people’s money), the person he went to visit banned unnecessary, wasteful travels by government officials in his country. Was this not an indirect rebuke and disapproval of Lungu’s careless, expensive, exploitative presidency? What did Lungun achieve by […]

PF registering refugees as voters

Please hide my ID. The DC in conjunction with the area Member of parliament have gone on rampage telling the poor and vulnerable people majority of them Angolan refugees and citizens living in Angolan to come and obtain NRCs and subsequently register as voters. These foreigners are being told that, for them to have access […]

‘Lufwanyama defranchised’

Editor, I think the ECZ’s current voter registration is cosmetic and just meant to keep up appearances. I think it is meant to deceive the international community and citizens that Zambia is a bastion of democracy when in truth it is meant to perpetuate the desires and wishes of the PF. Voter registration is not […]

Killing of Chinese and keeping money at home

Dearest Editor, Kindly hide my identity. May I plz add my word to the incident that saw the death of 3 chinese nationals in kitwe’s Ganerton area last week. You may wish To know that during the same week another driver working for a chinese ‘Sido or Kantemba’ Exploration company robbed a chinese national a […]