‘Unfair voter registration’

Editor, Very soon voter registration is starting but the pf government have so far carriend out NRC mobile issuarance in PF strong holds which is very unfair because in UPND strong holds it seems NRCs will be issuied during the rain seasom and after voter registration. To me rigging has already started but we shall […]

Yes, Zambia’s real problem is poor leadership

Plz ba ZWD help me to make a contribution to the general public. I have being intellectually wondering about the promidial problem with our country insofar as development is concerned. As a country we are blessed with natural resources and a good climate for farming, but the people are still sinking into povery. Zambia as […]

Road accidents at Mazabuka Shoprite

Road accidents at Mazabuka Shoprite

There has been cries from people from different walks of life concerning the accidents at Mazabuka Shoprite. Are the authorities deaf or they enjoy seing vehicles overtuning at Shoprite. Pipo have Suggested that trucks comming from Lusaka should use Nega Nega – Lubombo road or a road should be constructed from Mazabuka Motel to Kaleya […]

‘No water in our area for 21 days’

Dear Watchdog, allow me to express my disappointment, disdain and dissatisfaction with the City Council of Lusaka as well as Lusaka water and sewerage. Water in the Chelstone area was already a scarce commodity however for the last 3 weeks running water in the Chelstone green area has been non existent. 3 weeks ago LWS […]

‘Armseure hasn’t paid us July salaries’

Dear Editor, Kindly Post This For Us. We Are ARMSECURE-Security Officers In Zambia. Upto Date, The Said Company Hasn’t Given Us Our July Salaries. Our Landlords Are Even Threatening To Evict Us From Their Homes. The Company Is Making A Lot Of Money, Yet Failing To Pay People Doing A Great Job. Our Union That […]

Stunted growth and wellbeing of a nation

By Mundia Mundia Stunted growth can have permanent negative effects on its victims in later years of life which are a threat to the economic wellbeing of any nation. The Zambia Civil Society-Scaling up Nutrition (CSOSUN) alliance says children who are undernourished are at a greater risk of having difficulty in learning, playing or engaging […]