PF inserting numbers to results

ECZ is said to be investigating reports that some of its officials are colluding with PF agents to insert numbers to boost their figures before they are officially announced. Sources at ECZ says there are suspicions that somehow,some officials are managing to insert a number for example a ‘2’ where PF got 700 votes to […]

Lungu leads by 59, 000 from 80 constituencies

ECZ announces totals from 80 constituencies. Edgar Lungu = 533,613 HH = 474, 076 Lungu leads by 59,537 The constituencies verified from each province are as follows: CENTRAL ========= 6 from 14 constituencies COPPERBELT====== 17 from 22 EASTERN========= 8 from 17 LUAPULA========= 10 from 14 LUSAKA========== 12 from 13 MUCHINGA======= 3 from 10 NORTHERN======= 4 […]

UPND claim they are leading from PVT

TO ALL OUR SUPPORTERS LOCAL AND ABROAD. Like we told you,stay calm.we are about to finish compiling the results for all 150 constituencies.So far we are done with 140 and HH is leading with 20,000 votes.The remaining seats : 3 are in northern province,2 in eastern,chama district to be precise and 5 in western province. […]

Jamaica legalising marijuana possession

The Jamaican Cabinet has approved a bill that legalises the possession of small amounts of marijuana. It means that for the first time the country’s Rastafarian community, which uses the herb for religious purposes, could be able to smoke it legally. The bill also envisages a licensing authority for the cultivation, sale and distribution of […]

Congo erupts against Kabila’ third term plans, as Katumbi eyes presidency

Violence flared for a third day in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s capital Kinshasa amid mounting anger over plans to delay the country’s presidential election. Current president Joseph Kabila is said to be attempting to amend the law to enable him continue in office for a third term. Meanwhile, the name Moïse Katumbi Chapwe, the governor […]

Presidential by-election results for HH, Lungu

PF- EDGAR LUNGU (EL) AND UPND- HAKAINDE HICHILEMA (HH) Eastern Province Chipata Central PF EL-11, 994 (33 OUT OF 38 POLLING STATIONS COUNTED) HH- 3,800 Chadiza PF EL -2927 HH- 2391 SINDA HH- 3142 PF EL-2509 LUSAKA PROVINCE Lusaka Central PF EL-15,077 HH- 9190 Munali PF EL-27,296 HH- 14,366 Kabwata PF EL-19, 704 HH- 10,069 […]