Sata’s son Mulenga cheating on his wife with two girls

President Michael Sata’s son Mulenga is cheating on his wife with two small girls, the Watchdog has established.

Mulenga Sata is also the current deputy mayor of Lusaka.1047979_611981505501473_217001427_o (1)

Apparently the deputy mayor has been sleeping with local top model Alice Rowlands Musukwa.

Alice, a local pageant and fashion model is 24-years old. Mulenga Sata is 48-years old. Muelnga is married and has two children. Unfortunately, the third child with his long-suffering wife passed on. In honor of the late daughter Kayula, her mother opened a cancer trust called Kayula Cancer Foundation with some cooperation from her husband.

Alice Rowland
Alice Rowland

But this sad development, even though it was bad enough to stop Mulenga from drinking beer heavily, it was not enough to stop him from chasing skirts of young women.

His relationship with Alice has been going on from the time Mulenga’s father became president of Zambia.

He is keeping her using money and friends close to the model says she is in their just for money.

But the problem now is that Mulenga has ‘acquired’ another girlfriend who is threatening to sort out Alice.

When Alice discovered that Mulenga has other girls, she threatened to deal with him. In panic and to keep the relationship intact and concealed, Mulenga bought Alice a brand new 3liter Jaguar Saloon car.

Alice knows the value of finer things in life. She calmed down. And Why not, just recently Mulenga bought her a three-bedroomed house in Lusaka’s Chalala area.

On Mulenga’s account, Alice has visited 11 countries in the past one year

But the new girl feels used and is threatening to put the president’ son where he belongs.

As for the wife, the poor woman is aware of the husband’s relationship with all these girls but she has no say.

Sadly, this is the same woman who was financially taking care of Mulenga up to the time his father became president.

Up to that time, Mulenga was selling dogs but was not making enough even to pay rent. He was staying with his mother but the wife was taking care of the bills.

It was only a few months ago that Mulenga shifted to his new house in Ibex Hill, which, as we reported here earlier was constructed using proceeds of corruption.

As deputy mayor, Mulenga is only paid a little money, so where does he get the money to buy women houses and expensive cars?

Time will tell.




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    shz jst a prostitute whz in need of money,use the idiot and dump him.

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    She looks like a stick

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    No wonder zambia can not win these beauty pangeants,are these the things that we call beauties in zambia?noooooo brothers and sisters this thing can not win us any any,check the knees and the awkward body shape may just google miss venezuela and you will see how a model should look like

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