UPND’s Zimba files for Kapiri promising continuity with his programmes

IMG_1751[1]UPND’s candidate in the 23rd April bye election Lawrence Zimba said he will continue with the same programme that he promised the people of Kapiri who voted him in 2011 and is hopeful of winning the electionfor the second time. And party president Hakainde Hichilema says the people of Kapiri must not be deprived of their right choice in Zimba but retain him to shame the critics of multi partyism.He has also dismissed the violence allegations against his party by the PF. Zimba arrived at the old council offices nomination centre at the scheduled 13:30hrs amid massive supporters who stormed the hot day and walked long distances to come and give support to their candidadte. when the huge convoy of UPND supporters arrived, police feared that the opposition will repeat the PF’s mistake of allowing supporters and seeing they were outnumbered, pleaded with the party members not to enter the premises but the UPND leader said his party had a disciplined membership and would not trouble officers. Hichilema urged the supporters to keep the 400 metres radius as he and other leaders escorted Zimba to rbthe nomination room. After the exercise, Zimba was lifted shoulder high by the supporters and immediately drove into the town centre of Kapiri causing traffic jam as onlookers waved at him. Zimba said he had made an agreement with the Kapiri voters in 2011 and was voted based on that agrement which still remains unchanged. “I was MP two months ago and had programmes I was working on with the people here, so people must not get dicouraged by the nullification, this is the reason why I made the right choice to join UPND. And speaking in a phone interview with the watchdog from Lusaka UPND deputy secretary general Kuchunga Simusamba said his party was ready to carry the day on 23rd April and was also getting ready for presidential bye election which may come even before 2016. Asked how there could be a presidential bye election when the incumbent President Michael Sata was still in office, Simusamba said “the writings are on the wall that the bye election is around the corner, so we are also warming up our presidential candidate HH.”

And after the watchdog exposure of Masebo’s lawlessness at the nomination centre,central province police commissioner Standwell Lungu made an impromptu visit to the nominations centre in the company of his deputy, a Mr. Bwanga, both dressed in paramilitary attire. They arrived at exactly 15:00hrs and after a very short briefing with policemen, they drove off to an unknown destination.
Sources from the police told the watchdog that the police chief had been tipped that since PF misbehaved, they anticipated chaos from the UPND, so he wanted to be on the ground to offer full command.
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  1. NetworK   March 31, 2013 at 05:58

    Atleast we all had said this man is the right president,he is not sick

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    Atleast we are had said this man is the right president,he is not sick

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    HH 6th President of the republic of Zambia come what may. Tired of Dictatorship

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    One HH go go yu are the president already even haters know that,like it or yes I’ll give yu a vote..