British envoy endorses PVT British envoy endorses PVT

The British Government says it is not illegal to conduct the Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) system in an election.

British High Commissioner to Zambia, Tom Carter says his Government is of the view that the system is used for independent verification of election results.

Mr. Carter says the ruling MMD in 2008 presidential elections benefited from the system but are now afraid of it.

He also said his Government is confident that Zambia’s general elections will be free and fair.

Mr. Carter said the international community is closely monitoring the tripartite elections in Zambia to make sure the polls would be free and fair.

He was ccommenting on the PVT debate, which has been criminalized by President Rupiah Banda’s government with some diplomats told to shut-up before they are deported to their countries.

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