Hichilema is a son of a dog, says Rupiah

PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda on Sunday said UPND president Hakainde Hichilema is a son of a dog for allegedly likening him to a dog.

And MMD chairperson Michael Mabenga has declared that the MMD will field President Banda in the 2011 elections.

Addressing a public rally at Freedom Park in Mwinilunga, President Banda accused Hichilema of having likened him to a dog last week.

“I said I am not worried. I am like a father to him, so if I am a dog, then he is a puppy. He is a son of a dog,” President Banda said.

President Banda said in the Zambian Christian society, one could not call someone older than them derogatory names.

“Can you imagine if Hichilema became president, we will all be called dogs. If he wants to become president, there are better ways of doing that than insulting others,” President Banda said. “If I am a dog, he is a dog’s son.”

The interpreter then said in Lunda: “Hikana ka kawa” and President Banda responded: “Kana ka kawa. Your language here is similar to my language; nga neo ndine imbwa, yeve ni mwana wa imbwa!”

Last week in Mongu, Hichilema said if the MMD continued to go along the line of hooliganism, President Banda would be chased like a dog in 2011.

This was after MMD cadres roughed up UPND members who had gone to Mongu airport to welcome Hichilema who had travelled there to witness the Kuomboka ceremony.

The MMD cadres even beat up former UPND Sikongo member of parliament Col Best Makumba’s wife, in full view of the police. They accused the UPND cadres of wearing political attire during the Kuomboka ceremony, contrary to the guidance by the Barotse Royal Establishment.
Hichilema condemned the MMD behaviour, describing it as appalling and uncivilised.

“If they go along on this line, Rupiah Banda will be chased like a dog in 2011,” said Hichilema, warning that should UPND and PF direct their youths to fight back the MMD hooliganism, President Banda would not manage to land at places like Mongu airport unless he opted to shoot everyone.

And President Banda at the Mwinilunga rally on Sunday advised young politicians never to underrate the people they talked to.

He said Hichilema had taken politics to mean they should be insulting and calling each other names.

Later in the day, President Banda repeatedly called Hichilema “a son of a dog” in Mufumbwe where he is campaigning for the MMD candidate Mulondwe Muzungu.

President Banda also said Patriotic Front president Michael Sata and Hichilema had been rejected a combined total of five times because they did not have what it took to be president of the country.

He bragged about having come out either number one or two in different areas during the 2008 presidential by-election where he emerged winner.

“In Southern Province, UPND was number one followed by me, then (Heritage Party president Brig General Godfrey) Miyanda and number four who was miserably at the bottom was Sata. A question that one can ask him (Hichilema) is, people of Southern Province thought Sata was not suitable for president and thought Hichilema was suitable.

Does it make sense for HH to go and ask a failure to become pact member only to dethrone the MMD government?” President Banda asked. “My retort to the two politicians that have ganged up to remove the MMD is, I will go out into the country and make a pact with Zambians as we have always done. That’s why they are violent. They are desperate. The two of them are tired of losing five times, they are so bitter and desperate to win.”

President Banda said he was equally determined to bring Sata and Hichilema down because the MMD was determined to serve Zambians and continue with development.

And speaking on arrival in Mufumbwe, President Banda continued to call Hichilema a puppy.

“I want to repeat this so that everybody understands. A lot of people came to me to say how can you allow this? The Laws of Zambia allow you to deal with it, this is not to insult an elected President. Why are you not doing this? Why don’t you do that? No, no, no. Give me chance.

I am also answering,” President Banda said, amid shouting and ululating by MMD members. “The father of HH is just like me. We are the same age, unless he doesn’t know his father. If he thinks that I am a dog, he must be a puppy. Ngati neo indine imbwa, yeve ni mwana wa imbwa (if I am a dog, he is a puppy).”
President Banda advised Hichilema to choose his words.

“We don’t want politics of insults, Zambians don’t want. I know that Zambians don’t want, you know why? He has tried to be president twice and you have rejected him, mwana wa imbwa (a puppy). You have rejected him twice! Now he has gone to make a pact with another one like him. And this other one I know you don’t like him either,” President Banda said.

He told the people not to allow Zambia to be turned into a battlefield, not even by the excitement of frustrated people. He reminded people of his revelation of administration of councils controlled by the Patriotic Front on the Copperbelt.

He said all the money that the government gave the councils and that which they raised from rates, mines and other business houses for service delivery was used on themselves and not the people.

“I know that with your twin newspaper, you are going to answer me. Please spare me the insults, just tell the Zambian people if I am telling lies,” he said.

President Banda advised Hichilema never to fool himself that he would win Mufumbwe just because he won in Solwezi. He said this time around, MMD had mobilised youths, mothers and fathers to vote for Muzungu. He expressed confidence that Muzungu would carry the day.

He hoped Muzungu would emulate his hard work in North-Western Province. He promised people of Mufumbwe of continued development as long as funds were available.

“These people are campaigning negatively by pointing out on negatives only. I have come here to support a great son of Zambia and Mufumbwe who I have known for a long time and I can testify about his good attributes of leadership. He can stand at any forum internationally,” said President Banda.

And MMD campaign manager Daniel Kalenga assured President Banda of victory in the Mufumbwe by-election.

Provincial chairman Kinakin Patel said MMD had learnt a lesson from the Solwezi by-election and would improve in Mufumbwe.

And Muzungu thanked President Banda for his support and condemned the violence going on in the campaigns. He advised the MMD to refrain from violence and alleged that the opposition were perpetrating violence.


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