‘RB’s candidature non-negotiable’

THE MMD has said President Banda’s candidature in the 2011 presidential and parliamentary mike_mulongotielections is not negotiable.

MMD chairman for elections Mike Mulongoti said the wisest thing his party can do is to have president Banda stand and win the elections owing to the statesmanship he has demonstrated since he became head of State.

“The MMD has made its stance that we will endorse President Banda’s candidature in 2011 because he has demonstrated statesmanship since he was elected. It would not be a clever thing to fight an existing president,” Mr Mulongoti said.

He said this yesterday at the Press Freedom Committee of The Post discussion at Lusaka’s Chrismar Hotel.

Mr Mulongoti castigated people intending to stand on the MMD ticket during the 2011 elections, saying such people should have been involved in activities of the party long before their desire to stand.

“To those, I can clearly say they will not find favour with us because they must have shown commitment to the party in the first place,” he said.

Mr Mulongoti said those intending to represent MMD in the 2011 general elections should have waited for the party members’ invitation for them to lead it in the elections.

He described them as insincere people.

“If you think you are presidential material, party members should invite you. Otherwise I will consider you to be a very dishonest character who wants to get what others have worked for,” Mr Mulongoti said.

He said such people must not insinuate that the MMD is undemocratic when it stops them from getting the presidency of the party on what he called a silver plate.

“What is undemocratic about stopping someone from getting something on a silver plate?” Mr Mulongoti asked.

He said the MMD is not against people intending to contest the presidency of the party but that such people should show what they have done for the party.

“We have no intentions of stopping people from contesting the presidency of the MMD but they must come with a track record of their participation in party affairs,” Mr Mulongoti said.

Mr Mulongoti said his party is popular and that people have confidence in its government.

He said President Banda is a great leader who needs the support of people to develop the country.
Mr Mulongoti complained that President Banda is being attacked for mistakes he never made.

“It is unfortunate that President Banda is being attacked for mistakes he did not make,” he said.

And Mr Mulongoti said the MMD is a strong party and that it is not moved by the formation of the Patriotic Front-United Party for National Development pact.

“We are very strong and united as a political party. They are saying we are weak, but how can you team up against a weak party.

“What makes it sweet is that while we are in power, some people are dying to come into power. We cannot be blamed as MMD for keeping them waiting. The people of Zambia have given us the support to be in power for as long as they want,” he said.

From the Daily Mail

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