Now PF Mayor confirms corruption in road projects

  Now PF Mayor confirms corruption in road projects

Buntungwa roadKabwe Mayor Richard Bango has described as ‘pathetic and below standards’ the road works project that was corruptly awarded to Asphalt roads Zambia limited by PF.

After the Watchdog exposed the scam where Buntungwa road has developed many potholes in less than a year after it was built, Bango who is Ngungu ward PF counillor took a physical inspection of the road and directed that the contractor should redo the entire road. however, it has been established by our sources that Bango lives in Ngungu and drives on the same road every day.

But a source from ARZ owned by PF financier Joseph Mwewa says that the compromised work was due to the corruption that was involved where part of the money paid to the contractor found itself into the PF coffers. He has also attributed the compromised works to late payments.

“Of course there was commission paid to Mulenga Sata and other PF guys but then they delayed in making payments and the Kwacha kept on depreciating so the only thing we could do is to reduce on the quality. Otherwise given a clean environment we are a very competent company that can do excellent works,” he said.

ARZ has also been awarded a contract for the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport modernisation.

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