$1 million dollar per ‘firebrigade’ is pure theft, says Pilato

$1 million dollar per ‘firebrigade’ is pure theft, says Pilato

Local musician Chama Fumba has urged Zambians to be proactive and defend public funds from being looted by government officials and their agents. The government has procured 42 fire trucks at US$42 million, meaning each fire tender cost US$1 million.

Stakeholders have branded the transaction corrupt, questioning the exorbitant cost for each fire tender and wondered how special they were. Commenting on the recent announcement that the government had bought 42 modern fire tenders from Spain at a cost of US$42 million, Chama, popularly known as Pilato, wondered how a responsible government would spend $1 million on a single automobile.

He called on responsible Zambians to stand up and stop the financial looting in President Edgar Lungu’a government.

“Zambia’s money is on Zampe Zampe sure…a fire fighter costing $1million! I’m sure those things can put out the fire in hell. Sure don’t we have any patriotic Zambian to stand up and defend this country and its wealth sure apart from politicians?”

Pilato asked.

He wondered if all Zambians were cowards to fail to defend the massive plunder of the country’s finances in defence of positions and businesses.

“Imwe mwebasambilila sana (those who are highly educated), is your education just beneficial for just yourselves and your families? Are we all cowards, scared to offend the government because if we speak out our jobs will be terminated or businesses closed down? Mwebena Zambia sure, everyone is standing up for their jobs and families yet no one is standing up for their country,”

Pilato said.

He wondered what kind of a Christian nation Zambia was where leaders were only answerable to God and nothing else beyond governance.

“A Christian nation with government believers than believers of a just and accountable Jehovah God! We are a special type kwena. You mean no one gets bothered beyond politics?” wondered Pilato.

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