‘100,000 OVCs in Kitwe live in abject poverty’

Kitwe District Commissioner MacDonald Mtine says about 100,000 Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in Kitwe are currently living in abject poverty.

Speaking at the Children in Need (CINDI) partners stakeholders meeting at Mpelembe Secondary School today, Mr. Mtine said there was urgent need for international and Local partners to assist the organization in addressing the plight of OVC’s in the city.

Mr. Mtine said government was faced with various economic and social problems hence making it impossible to provide for OVC’s in an effective manner.

He added that CINDI Kitwe has made its mark in supporting orphans and vulnerable children by encouraging active community participation in addressing the problem in holistic manner.

He said there was need for various institutions to come up with ways through which resources could be realized to address problems that have beset the orphans in Kitwe.

And CINDI Executive Director George Chiyeke said his organization would not go on relaying on donor support to address the plight of OVC’s.

Mr. Chiyeke said there was need to design a mechanism to encourage local intervations.

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