Amos Chanda says it’s UPND that burnt markets

Amos Chanda says it’s UPND that burnt markets

Amos Chanda has accused the opposition UPND of burning city and Misis markets.

On the Facebook page he runs, he has written the following 



4th July, 2017

MOTHERS, CHILDREN, Struggling fathers cried, wept as their merchandise went up in flames but with a resounding roar UPND cadres have jubilated the tears of the innocent Zambians stating ‘We Did it, That’s our Fire, UPND.”

The strong stench of rubble, black fumes of smoke, people coughing as an angry fire engulfed one of Zambia’s biggest markets in Lusaka, City Market whether arson or accidents experts are yet to say.

Acting Vice President Inonge Wina visited, the acting head of state was in awe as she saw almost one third of the market charred and the sorry sight of rubble standing in front of her.

Some female traders ran to her for comfort and solace and the acting head of state was lost for words, she embraced the traders and wept with them.

Madam Wina was in the company of Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe, ministers Stephen Kampyongo and Sichalwe as well as Disaster Management Unit director Patrick Kangwa all expressed astonishment at the possible act of sabotage.

Vice President Wina then turned to Patriotic Front Youth Chair Kennedy Kamba and them to please aid police and bring people to book.

She appealed to the patriotism in Zambians and help bring saboteurs to face the wrath of the law.

And in an interview with ZANIS in Addis Ababa President Edgar Lungu urged Zambians and in particular the Patriotic Front to remain calm and wait for a report from Security Services.

He however notes that those destroying public property are enemies if the people.

“If the fire is an act of arson then those destroying public property are enemies of the people but for now security services have told me it is too early to reach any conclusions. They are now fighting the fire and I will wait to hear from them on arrival,” President Lungu said in Addis Ababa.

“The Nation must remain calm and ensure that no retaliatory action is taken to worsen the situation. Those engaging in acts bordering on economic sabotage will surely be brought to justice.”

The Head of State who before leaving for the AU Summit had strongly spoken against saboteurs and appealed to the patriotism in Zambians.

However, at first no one would have ruled the act as sabotage because it is quite unbelievable that any right standing human being would deliberately cause such suffering to another.

But to shockingly UPND cadres have taken centre jubilating the arson, sabotage actions as successful operation to demand the release of incarcerated leader Hakainde Hichilema.

They have also spoken firmly and taken credit for executing Hichilema and his leaderships command.

“There will be Armageddon, We will set the country on fire, Do all it takes, Terror will reign.” All quotes made by UPND leadership to express displeasure for losing the election and the arrest of Hichilema for treason.

UPND staunch supporter Lydia Benkele on a WhatsApp fora wrote: “But that’s their market anyway. Our people were thrown out of there like foreigners. So kiza bona.”

And UPND social media campaign coordinator Larry Mweetwa who in a press statement distanced himself from the city market fire but undoubtedly admitted being in forefront of the arson in Kamwala.

Larry the London based eccentric UPND campaigner applauded Kamwala market going up in flames.

“Zambia is on fire as I speak due to the arrest of HH. Job well done bane. Let us intensify such acts.” He said.

And shortly after this, Lusaka, Kabwe and Mongu court premises were torched.

Another UPND Social commentator Chryvet Hantumba wrote;

“Free HH, Free HH, many will be affected, fire will burn across the country, state house will be set ablaze. This is not a joke wait and see. UPND let us be alert for a final direction any time from now.”

A few points additionally today mostly rule act the act as an accident these are:

1. City market switches off power at 18hrs to 06hrs…so electrical faulta can easily be ruled out.

2. fire started from the corner part ..justifying the fire was lite from outside into the market

3. All fire hydrants are at centre of the market…they planned it as the fire started in a corner so that it’s tricky to put it out.

4. It is no coincidence that a market in Misisi also burnt down around the same time?

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