Tutwa Ngulube cracks illegal land scam

Ngulube (in checked shirt)

Kabwe Central constituency MP Tutwa Ngulube has declared that he will do everything possible to defend the people of his constituency from having their land being grabbed by a former Mayor allegedly working in league with current Mayor Prince Chileshe among other councillors.

Speaking in Waya ward in the evening on Saturday when he rushed to a scene where Mayor in the MMD reign Chimbwi Musonda is claiming ownership of some land where people have built houses, Ngulube said that illegal land dealing was rife in Kabwe but vowed that he would not let the scourge go unchecked.

A few months ago, the ministry of lands revoked the land dealership agency from the Kabwe Municipal Council for gross land scandals but even with that action councillors in the PF dominated council have gone on rampage in illegal dealership.

Last week, a named PF councillor was arrested and detained in police cells over land matters but information has emerged that the scam involving the councillor is minor compared to the ones in which minister Sydney Mushanga and other senior civil servants and council officials are involved.


  • It is unfortunate if such things can happen

  • Chimbwi Chimbwi Chimbwi,amano kwati niwe Chimbwi.

  • Habulembe,why are u mentioning HH on kabwe land issue?You are a sadist and illiterate to issues of da Nation.Just shut your mouth if u have nothing to say.Sha.

  • Is there any Council in Zambia which is free from Land scams?

  • Everything is HH to the pf cadre

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  • Learned counsel tutwa ngulube

  • Well done ngulube.

  • I think Tutwa Ngulube is a principled young man

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  • and recently, HH grabed land and displaced 100+ families, is he not the biggest thief this country has ever known?

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  • Eish!! Chimbwi Musonda?But that name is crusial and just the name u can be told many things.

  • My prayer for the kenyans,let peace be there.Amen

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