Almost all companies earmarked for oil supply linked to Lungu

Almost all companies earmarked for oil supply linked to Lungu

It has now been proved that almost all the seven companies that have been shortlisted to supply unleaded petrol and diesel to the Zambian government for the year 2018 have links to Edgar Lungu, the Zambia corrupt thief and dictator.  It gets worse; two of the seven shortlisted companies are owned by one person (family): Valden Findlay, Lungu’s beer drinking mate.

On Thursday 1 February 2018, we reported that the ministry of Energy has shortlisted seven companies to supply oil for 2018. The shortlisted companies are BB Energy, Delta Energy, LBM Investments ltd, CashFin Zambia ltd, Devon Oil, Chrismar Earth Moving Equipment and El Shadai Capital.

We further revealed that Emelda Chola, the permanent secretary in the Energy ministry had since written to the director of [NO] Intelligence (OP) to vet the shortlisted bidders. We also reported that this purported vetting was fake because the tender had already been given to Edgar Lungu’s partner and drug lord Valden Findlay.


Findlay is the owner of Chrismar Earth moving equipment which is among the seven shortlisted bidders despite having no experience in supplying oil.


Now it has been established that Findlay also owns CashFin, one of the seven shortlisted bidders. Cashfin, which is registered in the name of Joseph Chilinda is owned by drug dealers Noble Findlay and his bloody brother Valden Findlay. These are the shadow directors and beneficial owners of the company.


Joseph Chilinda is the one who runs the Presidential Marketeers Empowerment Initiative where Central Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kabwe is the Chairperson.


The Findlay brothers are the people who finance Cashfin in order to clean the laundered money. Noble Findlay is the owner of Auto World while Valden is the owner of Chrisma Hotel and Chrisma Earth Moving Company a construction company with no history of supplying fuel.


Devon Oil is a front for Lungu’s advisor Kaizer Zulu and Derrick Mpundu and not those peasants who have been fronted on the PACRA documents. Off course everyone knows Kaizer by now. He is the defacto President of Zambia but also Corruption Advisor to Edgar Lungu the Commander in Thief of National Resources.

Derrick Mpundu is the person behind Star Times Limited which together with Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (Dead NBC) incorporated Topstar.

Another shortlisted bidder, LBM is owned by Goodward Mulubwa, the owner of Chati Breweries an Opaque beer brewing company. Mulubwa is also the owner of Swift Construction a company that was dubiously subcontracted to do 20km of the Chingola Solwezi road. He is yet to finish even 2km of the project. He is a close friend to Edgar Lungu.

According Chola’s letter to the OP, 40 companies participated in the bid last November but only seven listed in the document below have been shortlisted.


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