Zodwa has urged her friends and fans not to retaliate or interrogate Zambians living in South Africa after she was stopped at a Zambian airport over the weekend and deported back home.

Zondwa , who was set to make an appearance at an event on Saturday night, was held by immigration officers in the country for several hours before being deported.

The Zambia regime blocked her from performing over concerns about Christian morality and fears that her dancing without panties would “undermine national values”.

Zodwa told TshisaLIVE she was still in the dark about why she was not allowed in the country, claiming that both authorities and her sponsors had agreed she could attend but not perform at the event.

Meanwhile, social media was lit with debate over the incident, with #TeamZodwa taking on #TeamZambia.

Zodwa said she feared that the deportation and debate would spark a fight between South Africans and Zambians, and warned her fans to walk away from an argument if it started.

“I had people saying things about Zambians, that they would confront them or fight them. I don’t want that. We are all African and we are all brothers and sisters. I am not fighting and I don’t want my fans to either.”

Zodwa was reportedly banned from performing in Lesotho late last year and also cancelled shows in Zimbabwe after an outcry over her scheduled shows in the country, citing security fears.

She said she would continue to visit African countries if she was invited, even if it meant she was turned away from all other countries on the continent.

“As long as there is a contract and I am getting paid, I will go. They must turn me back at the airport and then deal with it. I will be turned away a hundred times if needs be, but I won’t stop trying to see my fans in Africa.”


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    Sandu k 6 days

    She is possessed and must never be allowed in our Christian nation. She is looking for desciples.

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    C. Musonda 1 week

    The truth is that there is no morality in Zambia. The country has totally decayed morally. The banning of Zondwa will not any anything. We have vi mawule mu Zambia! Why are people pretending that we have Christian value? We have vi ana nkanzi who are drunkard and smell urine because of heavy drinking, why are we pretending? Really Zondwa was not a moral threat to the country

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    Peter 1 week

    I saw lineups dancing at some Zambian weddings. They moved individually and in pairs as if having an intercourse and that is acceptable even though you cannot tell through the clothes if they had panties on or off, but the dance was extremely sexual, and therefore disgusting. How a woman without panties poses a national security threat and is deported?

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    manthinker 1 week

    Zodwa is very intelligent. She knows her activities are against our culture snd that she will not be allowed entries to different African countries. Our culture that also includes hers doesn’t allow what she is prompting. SOuth Africa has no choice because she is her problem.
    The scheme behind is to defraud promoters by entering into contracts and she is paid upfront knowing that these contracts will be frustrated by ourside forcers and she cannot be held responsible. At the end of it all,she walks away with free money.

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    Blago 1 week

    It’s just foolish hypocrisy in Zambia. Zodwa works hard to earn a living, she does not steal or rely on tax payers. In Zambia they hero worship thieves and corrupt individuals, and they invitation of Zodwa is against Zambian morals. What foolishness.

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    Mainza 1 week

    Zodwa is a very focussed and determined young woman, who has defeated those without virtues or ideals. This hypocrisy didn’t start now. We’ve always had fools masquerading as leaders with one-track minds with very little traffic. Kaunda’s regime banned a 7 set of women’s underwear with daily label amid a huge outcry from the MCCs. Yet Kaunda had children he has never publicly acknowledged (e.g). The Zodwa issue is the continuation of inanity and hypocrisy.

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      abilima 1 week

      You are a very sick person who needs help urgently.

      • comment-avatar
        Newbi 1 week

        What are you basing this needing help on? Mainza makes sense and presents a case. You are giving an opinion, which proves Mainza’s point about hypocrisy and stupidity.

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      Dominic 1 week

      Which Zambian dancer strips her pants on stage?Zondwa will not find any Zambian in her country dancing naked or striping their pants.By the way do Zondwa’s children and parents if she has any attend her shows?