Maybe God is keeping Sata active for a reason

By Sity Mwitu

Who holds the future, is it the power of man or God? Can we tell what will happen tomorrow? I do not think so, otherwise, the Presidents of Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt as well as Yemen would have prepared themselves adequately, but alas only God knows what will happen in the future.

In the same vein, will Sata always remain the second best in every Presidential election to be held in Zambia? Why is Sata still energetic on the political stage? Why is his political charisma still very hot given his age? Why is Sata still very popular despite losing his presidential bids? Who is against Sata, is it the power of man or God? If it is God, then Sata will always remain the second best in his Presidential bid until he answers the Lord’s call. But if it is the will of man, for how long will man’s power resist God’s purpose? Therefore, it is not only inhuman to pass bad judgment, but also for anyone in their human power to try to stop Sata’s bids for Presidency before God does.

What we should not forget that Sata is a human being with aspirations, hopes and dreams just like anybody else and therefore, he is not a saint. Every person has a skeleton in the cupboard. There is a purpose for which Sata is still politically surviving. Sata would have died, but God was so merciful through the hands of the late President Dr. Mwanawasa, who evacuated him on time to South Africa for treatment. Sata’s political, social and religious life style is an open secret. Ask anyone, they will tell you who he is and what is capable of doing. In many times, Sata has been labeled a thief or corrupt, but he has not been convicted of any crime in the modern Zambia. His arrest in the 1960s before Zambia got independent is a historical case, which can be food for thought. Documentary evidence would do us well than relying on a single’s verbal testimony regarding Mr. Sata’s past deeds prior to Zambia’s independence. This is the only time people will know the truth and what type of crime he committed.

Many people did not know Dr. Kaunda well when he first became the Prime Minister and later on the President of Zambia, but he ended up overstaying in power. Again most of us did not know Dr. Chiluba well at the time when he became the President of Zambia, but now the story is different. When Dr. Chiluba handpicked Dr. Mwanawasa to succeed him, he did not know what was awaiting him. When the late President Dr. Mwanawasa became President, many people thought he was going to be a puppet of Dr. Chiluba, but alas, the story is different. When the current President, Mr. Banda became President, many people thought he will be in power only for three years, but alas, the story is different.

But as for Mr. Sata, everyone seems to know something about him and it appears people have resolved in their hearts to do everything possible in their human power to stop him from becoming the President of Zambia. There is an adage which says, the devil you know is better than the one you do not know. Does this put Mr. Sata to be in a better position, as Head of State, to become the best President Zambia has ever had because people know so much about him? As regards all the past Presidents, we knew very little about their private life and we trusted them so much to our own surprise and shock. For this reason, everything about Sata may be wrong, but one thing is true of Mr. Micheal Chilufwa Sata and that is his positive or good work culture. He delivers and his record in the Kaunda and Chiluba governments proves this to be true.

At the time of independence, Zambia was a capitalist country, but Dr. Kaunda killed the entrepreneurship spirit when he introduced humanism and socialism. For 27 years of his rule, Zambians became very docile because the government was busy doing everything for the people and slowly the country slipped into the doldrums of poverty.  It took Dr. Chiluba to re-awaken the entrepreneurship spirit of the mighty Zambians through the reintroduction of multiparty politics and capitalism and many Zambians, through untold misery and hardships, rediscovered their potentials and entrepreneurship spirit. While on one hand, this was good for the nation, on the other hand, Dr. Chiluba killed economic planning and prudent management of the nation’s scarce resources at national level, which was initiated and implemented by Dr. Kaunda, and this proved to be a disaster. But, when Dr. Mwanawasa came to power, he re-introduced economic planning and prudent management of the national resources and in no time Zambia gained her reputation in the global village. Suddenly Zambia became an attractive investment destination. But one major hindrance to the late President’s economic planning and prudent management of the nation’s scarce resources was Zambians’ bad work culture, which still leaves much to be desired. And this is the problem the current MMD government of RB is battling with. With due respect, of all the existing and potential 2011 Presidential Candidates, no one posses the right ingredient to change Zambians’ bad work culture except one King Cobra, Micheal Chilufwa Sata. As a Head of State, I believe Sata can manage to change Zambians’ bad work culture for the betterment of this nation.  My appeal to Mr. Sata is that, instead of his supporters to be carrying and flashing red cards at his rallies, let them show voters cards for a change. Otherwise, State House will forever be a pipe dream for him. Then we will be in a position to conclude that it was not the people that were against his Presidential ambition, but God, but as for now, let us wait and see what 2011 has for us.

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