High Court dismisses Katotobwe’s attempt to stop Marshland directors from running Ultimate Insurance

High Court dismisses Katotobwe’s attempt to stop Marshland  directors from running Ultimate Insurance


The Lusaka High Court has told Lusaka based ‘businessman’ Chanda Katotobwe and his wife Felicitas Chibamba that their hands are not clean.

The High has also discarded an injunction which the Katotobwe family had obtained restraining Marshland consortium directors from running ultimate Insurance Company.

Judge Musona has also ordered Katotobwe and his wife to pay Marshland directors costs (fees for lawyers and other expenses) for this particular attempt which the judge said had no merit.

This is in the ongoing case where Katotobwe has sued Marshland Consortium directors  asking the court to hand over the company to him. Katotobwe claims that he bought the company from the first owners.

Chanda Katotobwe and wife had asked the High Court to restrain Tobias Milambo, Nachi Musonda and Richard Lubemba from running Ultimate Insurance, to stop withdrawing money from Ultimate bank accounts and to desist from removing  Felicitas from being a bank signatory. However, Judge Justice Musona Musona said there was no evidence that anyone tried to remove Mrs Katotobwe from list of signatories but that she instead has been deliberately and maliciously refusing to sign statutory payments in order to cripple the company.

According to court papers, on one hand,  minority shareholder Felicitas Chibamba – Katotobwe claims she is a director in the company but on one hand she claims tha there is no board.

The main matter continues…

Meanwhile, in contempt of this judgement, Katotobwe has once again instructed police officers to grab property owned by Marshland Consortium directors.

We will soon post letters, emails, embassy correspondence  and bank instrucitons that show how Mrs Katotobwe has been dealing with Marshland consortium directors whom she now claims she doesn’t know.

See attached judgement

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    Very interesting, keep us posted!!! We cant wait when the day of reckoning comes for Katotombwe and wife.The truth always prevails.hahahahahaha