20 Kabwe families left homeless as government orders demolition of houses

Over 200 people have been left homeless after the Kabwe municipal council demolished over 2 houses built near the aerodrome area, this comes barely a week after Kabwe people voted a Pf councilor in Highridge ward by election.

The affected residents complained that they have been duped by the council which accepted development charges and also offered them authority to develop their properties. The affected citizens argued that the council must have disciplined the errant councilors who had dubiously been involved in illegal land allocation instead of throwing them in the cold.

And after the demolition exercise, the irate residents marched to the civic centre where they demanded to be addressed by Town clerk Oliver Muuka but council spokesperson Annie Mumba declared that no one was ready to address them. There was commotion as residents damaged furniture in the reception area, forcing the local authority to call for police reinforcement.

Meanwhile UPND provincial youth Chairman Milner Mwanakampwe condemned the action and said his party will seek legal redress on behalf of the affected families. Mwanakampwe said that the errant councilors were well known and some had even ascended to mayoral positions but no disciplinary action done because PF was a thug party that believed in looting. Mwanakampwe reminded people to kick out the PF immorality in 2016 or even earlier than that.

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