2011 elections to be held under new constitution – Kunda

KUNDA-largeVice President George Kunda says the 2011 presidential elections will be held under a new republican constitution.

According to ZANIS, Mr. Kunda has appealed to the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) to expedite the constitution process so that the presidential elections are held in a peaceful, free and affair atmosphere.

The Vice President said this at Solwezi Airport on his arrival from Zambezi district where he had gone to officiate at this year’s Likumbi Lya-mize traditional ceremony for the Luvale speaking people.

He said that the NCC should not make unnecessary delays in coming up with a new constitution before the 2011 polls saying the exercise is costly on the part of government as it is draining the national coffers.

“I appeal to the NCC members and secretariat to conclude the deliberations of the NCC before 2011 when Zambia goes to the polls because this exercise is costly. As government we want to serve resources being spent in this constitution ( making ) process,” Mr. Kunda said.

And Mr. Kunda has appealed to the Zambian people not to be cheated by the formation of the UPND/PF Pact calling it a failure and destined to collapse.

The Veep said the people at the grass roots do not know and understand the pact. it and that the Pact does not exist.

He said the ruling MMD is not threatened by the UPND/PF pact even if the co-pact leaders are going around the country telling lies and always criticizing government’s good fiscal policies that are bearing fruit..

Mr. Kunda accused the Pact’s leadership of being selfish saying they cannot develop the country.

The Vice President advised UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to start politics at grassroots opposed to being an opposition president.

He cited that he himself served at Mansa Municipal Council and rose in different government portfolios under his appointment as Second in Command, Veep.

The Vice President is in Solwezi to officiate at the 2009 North-western province MMD card renewal exercise.

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