2012: the year Zambians paid full price for 2011 political gaffe

Despite numerous warnings from many politically conscious people that Zambia risked getting Balkanized if Mr Sata and the PF were voted into government; many ignored the warnings and kept on crawling closer to political tragedy until they found themselves trapped in the fangs of the Cobra.
It would so appear very true that nothing captures human interest than human tragedy and this was confirmed when many Zambians, particularly the naive youths and a few enlightened citizens blindly believed that Sata and the Patriotic Front (PF) were the God-sent redeemers to serve the country.
Things have not turned out the way many hoped they would and it is too late to turn back the clock and begin all over again.
The year 2012 has been one when Zambians have paid the full price for the 2011 presidential botch as the man they voted for as president has ultimately fallen into a kind of paranoid isolation.
The most horrifying symptoms of dictatorship quickly manifested in Mr Sata when he withdrew from public, refused to take questions from journalists and has failed to call for a press conference to be subjected to open and diverse questions about the state of the country under his rule.
Yes he has withdrawn from public and is now holed up in State House issuing decrees but what Mr Sata does not know is that with his absence from the people, he risks being stripped of his presidency in the most grotesque ritual of humiliation in the next election.
With his erratic characteristics, President Michael Sata and his Patriotic Front (PF) have delivered an unpalatable 2012 that has left the country hungry for better, focused and civilized leadership.
Zambians rudely awoke in 2012 to the realization that the country lacks decent leadership and they know they deserve better than Mr Sata and his scandal-ridden ministers in government.
The year 2012 was politically bleak with President Sata determined to obliterate the opposition political parties particularly the MMD with a miscued attempt to deregister the former ruling party.
Mr Sata, his PF and their ally the Post Newspaper have been spending sleepless nights and money scheming on how best to weaken the MMD and the United Party for National Development (UPND) and their modus operandi has been continuous harassing and arresting its leaders Nevers Mumba and Hakainde Hichilema.
The immediate last twelve months have been politically economically and socially toxic with the country experiencing the worst electricity interruptions from Zesco, unprecedented shortages of mealie meal and sharp increases in the prices of the staple food as well as the erratic supply of fuel for the first time since 1991.
President Sata having failed to honour his numerous campaign promises and realizing that public opinion pendulum is oscillating way off his desired grip to the presidency has resorted to unpopular decrees because his arsenal to stir the country’s economy is empty.
For a man like Mr Sata who has a machine-gun mouth, he has strangely been shooting blanks each time he opened fire at the opposition as his words are now like blunt spoons rather than ninja stars.
And the year 2012 just saw President Sata step on the pause button on the economy using some policies that have left foreign investors skirting the edges of investment in the country.
The year 2012 was a grim period in politics, social and economic growth because of the communist approach the PF government has adopted, taking over companies that were privatized under the MMD and it could get worse with Sata orchestrating the deportations of foreign chief executives of local companies.
President Sata and his government have been messy in handling a lot of the country’s important political economical and social issues, issuing decrees while the implementation of such laws as the Public Order Act has left many wondering if Zambia is degenerating into a despotic state.
With absurdity, there has been so much political energy being expended on knocking out Dr Mumba and Mr Hichilema from the presidential race in 2016 by their continued harassment and detentions each time they have attempted to speak to their supporters either through rallies or formal mingling.
Mr Sata and Fred M’membe of the Post are feeling politically nauseated that the MMD has remained strong even after the defeat in the 2011 elections and they have continued with their hate and divisive campaign against the former ruling party.
The Post, President Sata and the PF have entered into a covenant to obliterate the MMD and they will spend any amount of money to disintegrate the former ruling party.
There has been a callous disregard of the law on the part of President Sata and the PF in most of the actions and pronouncements in the year 2012 that saw the construction of Mr Sata’s K1.4 billion retirement house and the creation of the K1.5 billion office of the first lady.
President Sata is not just a snobbish man, he is simply not up to the job of president and certainly not fit for public office such as that of president and the PF government under him is like mythical fraternity of Satanists with perverse desires to balkanize the country.
The country has also been witness to how PF has turned into a grubby political party desperate to consolidate its power base both inside and outside Parliament by buying off opposition MPs and ordinary members.
The shortage and sharp increase in the prices of basic needs such as mealie meal, Zesco blackouts, fuel and water shortages were also a watershed of the PF in 2012, an indication that there is governance vacuum which has given a threat to political stability.
Political and financial expedience have vetoed the prudent management of the country and that is why cabinet ministers and other senior officials in the ruling party have failed to be in congruency in how best to manage the country’s purse with some openly fighting and blackmailing each other over public money.
The fight against corruption has been a weapon to persecute the opposition political leaders and the corruption tag the Post and the PF have placed on the MMD and its leaders is nothing but a smear campaign to kill the former ruling party.
Yet there are individuals in cabinet who have shown brazen corruption traits but President Sata has cast a blind eye on the suspects and has not just protected them from being investigated but has even promoted them in his government structure.
Nothing is more scaring than having corrupt individuals like Mr Kabimba and GBM having powerful positions in government that they can easily abuse to satisfy their greed.
Mr Kabimba and GBM in their quest to loot more than the other have crossed each other’s paths landing themselves in the eyes of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) but President Sata has chosen to rebuke Rosewin Wandi for having instituted investigations against the suspects.
The behavior of Mr Kabimba at the Anti Corruption Commission towards the end of 2012 is the mentality of a man who believes he has become invincible, untouchable and above the law.
Because of greed, Mr Kabimba has no ability to weigh moral issues with political detachment and had he has such conscience; he would have stepped down as Justice Minister to allow ACC investigate his alleged corruption scandals with Trafigura.
But his intellect now seems to be the product of an icy divorce from national interest and most Non Governmental Orgainisations (NGOs) have become quiet over such behavior, certainly quivering in fear of getting deregistered should they continue being arctic in their criticism of President Sata and his government.
President Sata and his allies at the Post are still busy weaving conspiracy theories meant to discredit and slander Dr Mumba and his UPND counterpart Hakainde Hichilema but the majority of well informed citizens are clearly seeing through their schemes and the imbroglio has continued to raise debate about Mr Sata’s style of governance.

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