2016 you are out, NAREP tells traitor Lubinda

NAREP Kabwata would like to extend our word of advice to Hon Given Lubinda, MP of Kabwata Constituency on how can attract the people who elected him and whom he has abandoned. His sentiment of saying PF will win 2016 and that this is because we have no opposition in Zambia are shocking and disappointing.

It is sad to learn that a man of such stature and respect can issue such a statement when he has been so silent and almost exiting PF. Hon Lubinda knows the importance of an opposition in a Democratic society. He has disappointed the people of Kabwata Constituency especially that he has remained mute over the state of affair in our nation and especially Kabwata, for the sole purpose of keeping his job.

He has been silent on very important issues like the Constitution, Unemployment levels, high cost of living and fiscal collapse in our economy. He can’t even address issues of Development in Kabwata and yet he thinks he can win Kabwata in 2016. Don’t be fooled sir, you time is up and over. Come 2016, you are out.

As NAREP in Kabwata, we want to remind Hon Lubinda that his stay is only guaranteed by a constitutional clause that makes him to hang on until 2016. Giving PF the mandate to continue in power even beyond 2016 means the road ahead for our nation is a dead End.

We advise Hon Lubinda to disassociate himself from the PF government and support President Chipimo on the Blue Print to the Restoration of Democracy in Zambia. He needs to serve the electorate (the Kabwata people) who took him to parliament. We humbly ask him to go and represent our demands among which is a new People Driven Constitution failure to which, 2016 is his last day in politics in Kabwata.


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