2021 elections won’t be free and fair- Antonio Mwanza

Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza has charged that the 2021 elections will not be free and fair because opposition parties are being denied freedom to assemble and meet their members.
Speaking when he featured on Prime TV on Monday evening, Mwanza pointed out that elections were not a one day event but a process covering a period of time.
He said already the next elections will favour the PF because the opposition are blacked out from public media and are not allowed to freely assemble even for purposes of worshipping God.
‘The 2021 elections won’t be free and fair because now even going to church you need a permit and the opposition are not allowed to use public media, assemble or hold rallies,’ Mwanza complained.
Mwanza further noted that in a country where you have a leader who has not genuinely won elections such leaders resort to threats to maintain their power.
The PF has been abusing the Public Order Act and had instructed the police last week to block the opposition UPND from holding its membership card renewal and also blocked prayers that were organised to thank God for the release of the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema. The police was however forced to reverse their action after Vice President Inonge Wina, who was acting as President blasted Religious Affairs Minister Rev Godfridah Sumaili and State House Press Aid Amos Chanda and ordered them to allow the two events to proceed as planned.
Inonge was acting President though Lungu was within the country in Mfuwe recovering from the past weeks diplomatic embarrassments in South Africa and hiding from being interviewed by Voice of America Straight Talk Africa host Shaka Ssali who was in the country to have an interview with him.

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