Sata’s dictatorship should be fought

 By Wright K Musoma
President Sata is just scaring all the diplomats accredited to Zambia by threatening to expel them out of the country if they interfered in the internal affairs of our country.
Admittedly, yes according to diplomatic at equate, diplomats are not supposed to interfere in the internal matters of the nation, but then when Sata was an opposition leader, he together with Post Newspaper encouraged this and if he has forgotten due to may be his old age, we haven’t.
But we know very well that this is Sata and PF party’s ploy to silence everyone in the country. Sata wants to enjoy absolute power where no one opens his or her mouth in this country and he is doing everything possible to crack down and destroy opposition parties and democracy in Zambia.
Was it not Sata and PF who just some few months ago, when they were in opposition, who were encouraging the same diplomats not to be silent about the wrongs that are going on in the country.
Why should then the diplomats keep quiet now if they see things like dubious memorandum of understanding between Zambia daily mail being entered with the Iran public Newspaper, people with criminal cases in our competent courts being given crucial positions in Foreign Service while others are being appointed as DPP and cabinet ministers? Why should we keep quiet when judges are being threatened and suspended for entering judgement against the president’s inner circle who have committed crimes?
People should not be surprised about Sata’s closeness to Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe, former president Kenneth Kaunda, Northern Sudan and now Iran and its leader. This should tell our people and the international community something. Sata is a dictator who should be resisted by all of us before it’s too late, for the sake of mother Zambia.
May be he knows that he has nothing to lose because he is quite old to live to come and answer for his deeds.
The author, Wright K Musoma is the  President for the The Zambia Republic Party ZRP

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