42 youths arrested for demanding constitution on youth day

More than 40 youths have been arrested for demanding the release of a new constitution during youth day march past at the Freedom Statue.
Meanwhile, the Government has side-lined most students from University of Zambia from taking part in youth day celebrations saying they are all members of the opposition.
The youths from Action… Aid Zambia were taken to Lusaka Central police after being rounded up by police.
The only crime the youths committed was to wear T-shirts written ‘we want the new constitution’.
The youths were picked up from the Freedom Statute where ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott was addressing those who saw it fit to celeb

ActionAid Executive Director Pamela Chisanga confirmed the development to Journalists this morning.

Ms Chisanga expressed shock that Police could detain innocent young Zambians for demanding a new constitution.

She said the youths from ActionAid were peacefully marching alongside their colleagues from other organisations when they were stopped and taken to Lusaka Central Police.

At UNZA, the University management, UNZASU and  All the Students Associations in campus have not been invited for the 2014 Youth Day Celebrations.
The Watchdog has been informed that this is because the PF government suspects that  the whole UNZA Community belongs to the opposition UPND.
In the morning some students’ representatives went to ask for transport from the Dean Of Students Association (DOSA) but DOSA refused to release the school bus and said no one from UNZA has been invited.
Students were told that anyone who will go will do so at own risk

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