Fifty years of economic folly

Fifty  years of economic folly

povertyBy Nelson Phiri

The Zambian economy has made impressive gains in the last 13 years, but this development makes it simple to disregard a callous truth: the majority of Zambians have been the victims of catastrophic government policies, ailing and aging leaders, addicted to prescription drugs, alcohol, money, funny ideologies, corruption and fancy short term aesthetic policies. Leaders that cost billions of Kwacha in plunder, corruption, wasted resources, produced mass unemployment, and kept millions of Zambians in poverty who otherwise could have participated in the nation’s growing wealth.

Government decision-makers, regardless of political parties, have tended to favor short-run paybacks for friends and family members while imposing insurmountable costs on present generations and posterity. The last 50 years have showed Zambians economic folly and sheer blunders divided equally among the past 5 presidents. This provides us with key lessons to help us avoid repeating such leadership and policy mistakes in the future.

On January 20th, 2015, I believe Zambia will elect a President who will deliver this country from 50 years of economic folly.

Zambians would like to see a president who will help them question our deep-rooted notions concerning the cause and nature of the widespread poverty, shambolic education system, shameful state of our health facilities, lack of sports infrastructure, and the ever present ugly head of alcohol consumption as a result of unemployment in our young democracy, alias, copper and gold rich country. Zambians would love to see a leader and government that can uproot the foundation stone upon which the presidential powers have rested and grown unchecked by the public.

Beginning with KK and moving forward, Zambians have seen compromised leadership ruin their lives and that of their children. Beginning in the early 90’s Zambians have lost their national pride due to abject poverty and indignity as a result of unemployment. I hope this time around, Zambians will vote for a leader who will bring an end to this economic malaise by reorganizing the economy, by putting in place prudent policymaking road maps; carefully choosing his/her key political partners; and the impact of all this will be economic prosperity, education advancement, health improvements, prudent agricultural policies, mining sanity, decency in our social lives and respect for our civil and constitutional liberties.

Selfish politicians have had a major negative impact on our lives. By voting for a good leader, Zambians will regain a new understanding of self worth, meaningful democracy, and the issues threatening the pursuit of economic freedom will be a thing of the past.

Let us curtail the delusions of power being perpetuated by political comedians, wolfs and jokers claiming they have something to offer to an ailing Zambia crying for a great leader to liberate them economically. Vote Intelligently.

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