500,000 jobs, a joke for the Poor Finishers (PF)

What more lies will the Zambian people endure from these visionless characters?
A quick look at Ndola’s industrial area where Somali nationals have turned industries into garages,one wonders how the jobs being propagated by the PF government is going to be achieved. 500,000 jobs is far way too much to even think of, a dead person will rise with such a claim. Desperate moves gone sour and it seems Edgar’s lack of vision has engulfed in all its roots of the fiber of the PF family. Save us from pity lies and as we have forgone the 90 days brave lie that won you the 2011 general election not again in 2016 kuyabebele.
We stand in solidarity with progressive Minds to ensure that PF is kicked out of power come next year.
A strong opposition has seen its tall in the elections to come. Zambia forward as united we can change this idiocy in government of looting for the benefit of a few individuals.
P.F Kuyabebele.
Ndhlovu jnr.

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