52 buffaloes die after stampede in Kafue National Park

In what seems like a biannual event, 52 buffaloes have died in a stampede in the Kafue National Park in Itezhi Tezhi district in Central Province.

And most of the carcasses which were floating in the Musa River have since been scavenged by some local people.

The carcasses of buffaloes were discovered by Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) officers during their tour along the Musa River in the southern part of the Kafue National Park.

Itezhi Tezhi district commissioner George Sichula confirmed this adding that the stampede took place last Friday night.

“The 52 buffaloes were found dead in the Kafue National Park along Musa River. They are believed to have died in a stampede and ZAWA officers are investigating the cause of the stampede,” Mr. Sichula said.

This is the third time a huge number of buffaloes have died in similar manner at the same place.

In September 2009, 35 buffaloes died at the same river point and ZAWA attributed the stampede to lions that were chasing the buffaloes

In August 2012, another 81 buffaloes died in a similar manner at the same river point in the Kafue national park.

The wild animals usually move in herds of about one thousand and when they are disturbed, they run in the same direction causing a stampede.

Meanwhile, a police officer based at Itezhi Tezhi police station has died   after the boat in which he was sailing capsized on Lake Itezhi Tezhi.

Mr Sichula has confirmed the incident adding that the accident occurred on Saturday.

Mr. Sichula who named the missing police officer as Maxwell Madubeko said the boat reportedly capsized following huge waves and that five people survived the accident and managed to swim to the shore.

“As of yesterday, a rescue team was still looking for the missing police officer who was a trained coxswain” Mr. Sichula said. – ZANIS

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