’52 people died from Climate changes related incidences in Zambia’

By Violet Mengo in Denmark
A New Global Climate Index for 2010 released Tuesday in Copenhagen listed Zambia as one of the countries already bearing the brunt of climate change.

The Index which revealed that extreme weather events would increase in frequency and intensity due to the global climate change, ranked Zambia as the 73rd country facing severe weather changes.

It noted that the changes have potential to significantly undermine the country’s progress towards the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Experts were of the view that Zambia already battling to meeting the MDGs targets by the year 2015 and being faced with the effects of climate means that development in key sectors of the economy was bond to suffer.

The Global Climate Index 2010 was conducted by German watch.

The Index stated that Zambia had already recorded 52 deaths from climate related incidence and would be losing 0.90 inhabitants per 100,000 by 2010.

Zambia would also be losing about 67 per cent of her GDP as a result of climate change by 2010, the index also said.

The country was also, according to the index, expected to lose about US$ 112 million in her purchasing power parity by 2010.

Zambian alternate delegation leader at the Conference Ephraim Shitima when contacted for a comment, said Zambia faces risks from climate change impacts.

Mr. Shitima explained that Government was putting in place programmes and strategies of addressing the challenge of climate change including the National Adaptation Programme of Action, among others.

He further stated that the challenge was huge and more measures would need to be put in place including policy and legislative ones in future.

Through the establishment of an ambitious Adaptation Action Framework, a Copenhagen agreement can make a real difference, he added.

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