PF police release Syakalima without charge

PF police release Syakalima without charge

Doug (640x496)Opposition UPND senior member Douglas Siakalima, who is also adviser to party leader Hakainde Hichilema, today likened himself to a mad man who could just walk in filthy police cells, spend nights and the come out with everyone wondering what he was doing there.

Mr. Siakalima who was arrested on dictator president Michael Sata’s orders and later  released last evening without a single charge said he could not believe the police action on him and other UPND members so far who have completely nothing to do with whatever they are being accused of.

“Can you imagine that I started pleading with them to at least charge me even åsomething on flimsy grounds so that I can appear before the courts and clear my name. After persistence and having being in detention for more than 48 hours, I was just told to Ago home we have nothing against you.,” Siakalima said.

He said he was not taking the matter lightly and is determined to take it very far in ensuring that justice prevails in this country as the police can not just detain someone without any investigations or evidence and them tell them to go.

“Why did they arrest me in the first place if they had not linked me to any crime. This is how wars and civil strife start in a country. It is from the seemingly small things like these that end-up burning the country,” he said.

Meanwhile, UPND MP for Kalomo Request Muntanga was also released last night after being in detention for four days and slapped with a mere charge of conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

Chairperson for elections Ackson Sejani is still in detention and negotiations are underway to possibly have him released today.

Security sources say Mr. Sejani is particularly being held on orders from Mr. Sata and Home Affairs Minister, Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Lungu had an argument with Mr. Sejani during the meeting that took place in the office of Police Southern Province Commissioner, Charity Katanga, over who was responsible for violence.

According to those who attended the meeting, Mr. Sejani told Mr. Lungu to have a big heart as a leader and learn to grow-up because the matters that were being discussed were sensitive and can plunge the country into chaos.

At that stage, Mr. Lungu apologised but sources say it looks like he never really forgot about the lecture he was given from someone who was also a senior cabinet minister before.

Mr. Lungu therefore wanted to flex his muscles on his colleagues.

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