55 year old man found dead with sex boosters in pocket

A 55 year old man of Kabwe has been found dead in a toilet at his brother’s residence in Ngungu. When police searched him, they found an undisclosed number of Viagra, a sex booster drug on him. The deceased is believed to have been having an illicit sexual affair with his brother’s wife.

The incident happened at house No. 8 Old Ngungu on Friday evening and Central province police commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi named the victim as Shadrick Sinyangwe aged 55 years.

Some people close to the deceased have however told the Watchdog that the man was in a secret affair with his brother’s wife and on the material day he visited her so that they could have sex but unfortunately found that his brother was at home. By then he had already taken some of the sex boosters.

Kabwe, being a transit town has recently seen an increase in the use of aphrodisiacs believed to be couriered by truckers in transit. The drugs are said to be secretly sold by some peddlers to targeted customers in night clubs and private offices.

Early this year, another prominent businessman of Congolese origin dropped and died at a girlfriend’s residence after allegedly taking an overdose of sex boosters.

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