Doctor implicated in death of businessman whose manhood was cut

Doctor implicated in death of businessman whose manhood was cut


Mervin Kaufman

A DOCTOR at Nchanga South Mine Hospital is said to have connived with the wife of Mervin Kaufman to write on the death certificate that he died of Pneumonia when he was actually taken to the hospital already dead.

Mr Kaufmna the proprietor of both Kauftech and Cartek died on November 24, 2012.

Police sources have told The Independent Observer that the body of Mr Kaufman was found with seven cuts and it seems he could have been killed at home.

The cuts were; broken right rib, three deep cuts at the back of the head, broken nose, cut on the lower left eye-borne and another cut on the upper right eye-borne.

The source said the purpose of exhuming the body was to ascertain if there was any foul play and the suspected foul play was poisoning.

But after opening the brain, the Russian pathologist who has been in the industry for the past 20 year said the six injuries on the head and the broken rib were the cause of Mr Kaufman’s death and not pneumonia.

The pathologist was clear that according to brain communication (that was after the brain was opened) the manhood was cut after Mr Kaufman had already died.

In further clues to link to the wife was that in what had never happened for many years, the wife of Mr Kaufman, Peggy Meleka and her young sister Emily Meleka went privately to Nchanga South Hospital mortuary and took the body to Ambassador St Anna’s for embalming without the knowledge of anyone.

“This does not happen in Zambia where women without the accompaniment of men would transport a body of person except in cases of still babies.

“The embalmer who has been in the business for over 20 years said he had never been threatened in his life like the way Mr Kaufman’s wife did to him. He was told only to embalmer the face and never to go beyond and if he did she would sue him and finish him off,” he said.

He said Mr Kaufman’s body was never washed before burial and after exhuming we discovered that the inner clothes had a special seal which nobody could open unless the family was informed.

The source said the manhood of Mr Kaufman could have been cut between Nchnaga South Hospital and Kitwe. It seems the manhood was pulled first, before being cut because what just remained was a hole and the whole shaft was taken out.

According to police clues the investigators started questioning the female domestic work Helen popularly known as Bana Luncky who was living at Musenga farming area.

Helen was reported to have been paid more than six times her salary soon after the incidence.

After questioning police officers advised her never to inform her boss of the discussion they had but Helen called her boss and informed her that police officers were pursing her.

That made as an accomplice in the matter.

Ms Kaufman then rushed to Musenga, picked Helen and went to hide her at one of the places along Solwezi.


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