Frank Bwalya resigns from Zesco board

Frank  Bwalya resigns from Zesco board

Outspoken Catholic Priest Fr. Frank Bwalya has resigned from the ZESCO board with immediate effect where he was a board chairperson without giving reasons.

In his letter to Energy Minister Yamfwa Mukanga and copied to PS George Zulu and ZESCO Managing Director Cyprian Chitundu, Fr. Bwalya only wrote that his resignation had to do with something within his heart.

Kindly be informed that I have resigned as board chairperson of ZESCO Ltd with immediate effect. The reason for my resignation is very personal. It has to do with something within my heart.

The resignation of Fr. Bwalya from the state entity comes barely a few days after the revelations of massive plunder and corruption in another state owned entity Zambia Railways Limited where Prof. Clive Chirwa and his board led by Mark Chona were shown a red card when they differed on who should loot the biggest chunk of the Eurobond cash.

ZESCO is also one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Eurobond cash which PF officials in various entities are scrambling to have a share of it through massive corruption.

Both Energy PS Zulu and ZESCO MD Chitundu were taken by surprise by Fr. Bwalya’s sudden resignation from the state entity which he heavily criticised during campaigns for inefficiency and rampant load-shedding.

In the run up to 2011, general elections Fr. Bwalya campaigned heavily for PF to a point of beheading a live chicken at a public rally symbolising what he termed death of MMD and Rupiah Banda corrupt’s administration.

He ran a red card campaign against the MMD government and was ever putting on red robes and refused to shave his body parts until MMD was defeated.

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