HH plays ‘Bufi’ says Sata and PF group of failures

HH plays ‘Bufi’ says Sata and PF group of failures

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has praised outspoken catholic priest Fr. Frank Bwalya for coming out in the open to criticise the PF party he supported because the PF government was a failed project that was put by majority Zambians based on cheating and deception.

And some min-bus drivers on the Copperbelt have invited Mr. Hichilema to travel to the Copperbelt to meet them because Mr. Sata Sata cheated them a lot.

During the live Radio Phoenix ‘let the people talk’ programme this morning, Mr. Hichilema, who started and ended the programme with the hit song ‘Bufi’ and praised singers Pertersen and his friend Pilato, wondered why the PF leadership had no shame by continuing to tell the people of Zambia lies on many issues such as increase on fuel, mealie-meal, electricity and other commodities.

“This is the problem when you are fond of lies, deception and hatred. You increase the fuel prices with a view to fix Mr. Hichilema and Dr. Nevers Mumba who claim are the only ones that will be affect because you think they are rich. In the process you end up destroying everyone in our compounds such as the widows and other marketeers who have to use min-buses to buy and sell their mechadise in Chipulukusu and Soweto Markets,” he said.

Mr. Hichilema, who sypathised with the people in Chingola who are losing jobs over mine contracts, said every country maintained subsidies of some kind but what was important is how the money freed from subsidies was utilised.

He said in Zambia there is a poor leadership that has confessed to being in government to eat and so the money that is being collected from fuel and mealie meal increases was merely being used to feed those in government.

“We have a government that has been creating endless by-elections where not less that K10 billion is spent and that is the money they are now collecting from fuel increase and also sustain a large cabinet,” he said.

He said the money being wasted to corrupt MPs to create a one party state is the same money that should be used to purchase medicines in hospitals and also send our children to schools.

“We currently have a government that has no priorities whatsoever, because even the so called judicial reforms are only meant to protect the friends of the president on wasteful projects such as the Judge Chikopa tribunal on the K14 billion loan by president Michael Sata’s friends. So when you have no medicine in the hospital, fail to get on a min-bus, buy mealie meal at high prices, fail to send children to schools, you should blame the PF’s lack of planning,” he said.

He maintained that it was dictatorship on the part of Mr. Sata to keep forcing someone who has retired such as Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda to continue working even after she has been rejected by the parliamentary select committee.

He said currently the opposition parties are struggling to meet their members because of the emerging dictatorship where people are being arrested on trumped-up charges.

“Can you imagine our members wanted to have an in-door meeting on the Copperbelt but were stopped. Yet we all saw Mr. Sata as an opposition leader going round filling stations whenever there was a fuel increase and no body stopped him. I am currently in jail myself on a number of trumped-up charges except I just surviving on being on bail. I have been thrown in filthy cells for merely exercising our freedoms to assembly. This is the type of country we are living now and totally very strange such things are happening way after 1991 multiparty elections,” he said.

He said part of the problem the country was not developing is because we have continued to recycle for the same tired leadership such as Mr. Sata, Mr. Daniel Munkombwe and Mr. Alexander Chikwanda who should have paved way for the new generation.

Mr. Hichilema also said the Eurobond loan facility is another wasted project as revealed by what happened at Zambia Railways where the money was being wasted maintaining people like Clive Chirwa in expensive apartments.

And all the callers agreed with Mr. Hichilema that they feel cheated with the turn of events in the country.

A bus driver from Copperbelt appealed to Mr. Hichilema to visit the area and see the levels of suffering in the area.

“As for Mr. Sata, please tell him never to come here. Let him remain there because he cheated us a lot. The cost of living is going up and when we want to increase bus fares, we are told to wait. So Mr. HH we are very sorry for having voted for Mr. Sata,” the caller said.

Mr. Hichilema agreed with the callers saying even on the constitution making process, the PF have continued to tell lies from 90 days to this June and yet it is just a few days before June comes but their is no constitution yet.

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