Fake PF Cooperatives exposed

More than 100 out of the 170 co-operatives registered in  Kalulushi are fake and have been used as a conduit pipe to obtain agricultural inputs from the government and later re sale at higher prices.

This came to light during the District agriculture show where only less than 20 genuine co-operatives turned up for the event and Kalulushi District Commissioner Kampamba Mulenga has expressed dismay at the trend.

Impecable sources in Kalulushi have told the Zambian Watchdog that the reason for the low turnout was that some cooperatives only existed on paper but were mostly controlled by area MP Rayford Mbulu who used the system to pay his PF cadres by getting subsidised fertiliser and later resale at higher prices.

ZANIS Kalulushi Reports that Ms Mulenga said out of the 170 cooperatives that were in the district, less than twenty participated at the show this year.

She observed that there was misappropriation of funds as these same cooperatives were getting money which they did not put to good use. The DC said that the  PF government will now be more vigilant and will monitor the performance of the  cooperatives to ensure that they existed since they received equipment and money they need to be audited and check how many were functional and operational.

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