PF disowns its MPs as Panga carrying supporters make threats

PF disowns its MPs as Panga carrying supporters make threats


kabweThe ruling PF has disowned its MPs Sydney Mushanga (Bwacha)  and James Kapyanga (Kabwe central), saying the two parliamentarians have been working against the party in Kabwe.This was during a consultative meeting called by the provincial committee at the Boma conference hall in Kabwe today.

And a fight almost ensued between Provincial youth chairman Paul Ngosa and Kabwe central constituency youth chairman Justine Mulwanda after the former revealed that the MPs have employed henchmen who are threatening party members and vowed that they (henchmen) must be sorted out.

Delivering the vote of no confidence in the MPs, Ngosa accused the two MPs of insubordination to the party structures and dishonesty.The parliamentarians who were summoned to the meeting were out-rightly told that the party was bigger than them and if they were not willing to work as a team ‘they must start playing golf, which is a one man game’.

Bwacha constituency chairman Saidi Chibwana feared that the party in the constituency is in a nose diving mode and would find it difficult to reclaim their seats if the impasse is not sorted out quickly but Mushanga said he has always involved the party structures in his activities. His comments attracted a lot of booing from the members who openly demonstrated that they were not interested in the legislator.

Kapyanga, who earlier this year slapped a constituency official George Kambaki apologised to the house but was also quick to say that the party cadres were just hungry and wanted jobs which the PF has failed to provide.
“Ichishinka chakweba ati, lilya twa winine ama elections bonse mwalefwaya ukulyamo nomba tamwalyamo, nokulyamo mwalefwaya tekwakulyamo lelo fye lyeka but ukumipela inchito ishakweba ati muleisunga nomba inchito takwaba, mwilapita namumbali (the fact is that after  winning elections you were all expecting to reap but you have not reaped, and the reaping you anticipated was permanent  job creation but there has been no jobs, don’t beat about the bush)” said the legislator.

And after Ngosa presented the complaints to Provincial chairman Benson Chali on behalf of the youths, Mulwanda got irritated and got into an exchange of words with his provincial boss, factions were identified but wise guidance by Chali calmed the heated environment.

Some supporters carried axe handles, Pangas and knives but Chali pleaded that the purpose of the meeting was not to fan violence but to find a solution and reminded the house that the PF constitution does not allow a ‘no confidence vote’, much to the annoyance of the members.

Sources have told the Zambian Watchdog that the youths are not happy with the failure by the province to hound out the MPs and are determined to have them out.
“The provincial chairman was wrong to tell the MPs that there is no vote of no confidence in the PF but as youths we are determined the two guys will have to go before they damage the party in our area,” said the source.

After the meeting, pockets of groupings were seen outside in a sign that there had been no resolution drawn.

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