Disgraced, Post continues attacking Zambeef

Disgraced by the non availability of toxic substances that the Post newspapers alleged Zambeef’s imported meat products have, Fred M’membe’s publication has continued to attack the company, now with a changed strategy.

Last week government cleared the containers of imported beef products after no harmful aromatic aldehydes were found in it and sources from the ministry of health have disclosed to the Watchdog that even the samples which were recalled for testing have been found  fit for human consumption.

The newspaper has further changed from its earlier misinformation that aromatic aldehydes are used in embalming dead bodies to saying ‘a preservative that is said to cause cancer’.

During the first days of their scheme to scandalise Zambeef, all Zambeef stories were prominently featured on the front page but this story was published in a small corner inside page 4, criticising Zambeef’s road shows which the leading meat company uses to promote its products.

Meanwhile reliable sources have told the Watchdog that the scandalising of Zambeef was schemed partly to protect Justice minister Wynter Kabimba’s illicit dealings with cooking oil importers who have brought in cheap cooking oil from foreign countries but facing stiff competition from Zambeef cooking oil.

In April this year, Zambeef and other cooking oil processing companies wrote to the ministry of commerce to complain about cheap cooking oil that was being imported, in a bid to try and save the local companies and this is said to have injured Kabimba, M’membe’s prefered successor to ailing dictator Michael Sata, who is currently reportedly being treated outside the country.

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