BOZ Governor robbed in suspicious circumstances

Bank of Zambia Governor Michael Gondwe was last weekend robbed at his house in incident security sources suspect is related to wrangles in the Patriotic Front government.
A source from within the security wings has told the Zambian Watchdog that the robbery may have some links to differences between the Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba and Finance Minister Alexandra Chikwanda on how the Central Bank should be run.
“The Bank of Zambia governor Dr. Michael Gondwe was robbed over the weekend at his house in Kalundu. People entered his bedroom while he was sleeping. They took him off the bed together with his wife and they got away with a phone, Ipad and a Diary. There was money in the bedroom but they did not touch it,” the source said.

“What is so surprising is that there were armed security officers guarding but we do not know how they entered. They must have worked with BOZ head of security a Mr. Musonda Simwayi whom we are trying to interrogate. We suspect he knows something,” the source said.
The source said Chikwanda and Yamba have been having differences over the running of the Central Bank and the entry into Dr. Gondwe’s residence may have been in order to know who he supports between the two.
“There is a problem at BOZ, Yamba prefers certain board members and Chikwanda also certain board members. So may be they wanted to know whom the governor supports but there was a serious lapse in security. We are told the head of security is not a serious person but he is being protected by Dr. Mabula Kankasa the Deputy Governor administration,” the source said.
The source said the Police command have ben instructed to keep the robbery a secret.

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