69 year old woman hospitalised after attempted rape

A 69 year old woman of Kabwe is nursing serious injuries in UTH after surviving a rape attempt by a Mukobeko prisoner in Kabwe, the prisoner has since been identified and will appear in court soon.

Theresa Mwape was walking around Mukobeko prisons area when she was ‘attacked’ by Pythias Siachikulu who is serving a five year sentence for robbery. She was dragged into the nearby maize field where he undressed her and tried to forcibly have sex with her.

According to Mwape, she was overpowered by Siachikulu but she managed to pull and squeeze his private parts before he could do anything and when he screamed, a well wisher who was passing came to her rescue. Siachikulu fled the scene, leaving some of his garments which were used to identify him.

Mwape suffered the wounds from the dragging at the hands of Siachikulu and after being admitted to Kabwe General hospital she was evacuated to UTH.

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