Patients at Chainama sharing cups

Dear Editor,
Thank you in advance for according me this opportunity to air my grievances. Please this is a critical health matter that I thought to bring out to the nation.
It has saddened me to see that Chainama Hospital along Great East Road is contributing to the disease burden through subjecting out-door patients at the health facility to drinking water from one cup which is only dipped in a small bucket of stagnant water.
One of the patients (a male) confronted them about the issue but they were uncooperative even after he sternly cautioned and instructed them to remove the cup and put disposables. They wanted to intimidate him but he stood his ground as he showed them that they were wrong. But still, the chaps (nurses one of the identified as Ms. Mbewe) maintained that they will not change the system because it has been there for years and No one could make them change.
The patient got so furious that he even poured the water were the only cup was being put. He later demanded that running water be put there and that no person should be subjected to that HIGH risk of contracting other diseases.
We all cheered and supported the man’s action.
But one of the nurses said, “bushe ninani uyu wine uletweba ati tufumyepo? Let him tell the Ministry not ifwe. They Government is not giving us what he is talking about (water dispensers) so let him just take his panadol with the same cup.”
What is saddening is that even the top most person after being convinced by the man she said PF govt was responsible even if she was arrogant too.
The man asked the following questions which we all agreed to;
1.       Why are you subjecting patients to drink from one cup?
2.       Could one of you here go and drink from the same cup?
3.       Why are you using a small bucket which has stagnant water instead of running water?
4.       Do you know how many people could have been infected from here just by drinking from the same cup?
The nurses admitted that yes many people could have been infected from the act but that it wasn’t their issue as theirs was only to check temperature and take BP levels. Please publish this to save many poor and voiceless lives that are GETTING DISEASES INNOCENTLY.
The man left because nurses were uncooperative as they told him to be coming with his own water to the Hospital.
Dear fellow Zambians, what has gone wrong with this country surely were we have to be subjected to such nonsense? Are we going to survive this period this Patriotic Front government is in office?
There are diseases like TB, Hepatitis B and many others that people are prone to get from such reckless acts. This government should do something urgently about that and these tuma nurses should have a caring heart not the arrogance that they exhibited.
Concerned Citizen

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