Sata builds another house deep in Chilanga

Sata builds another house deep in Chilanga

From the time he became president, Sata has increased his salary three times making him one of the most highly paid presidents in Africa. But that is not all, he is now building a second mansion within two years. The first house is being constructed in State Lodge.

His second ‘retirement’ home is being constructed in Mapape area of Chilanga. He is building two houses for himself when retirement houses for his predecessors Chiluba, Mwanawasa and Banda have not yet being constructed.

The house in Mapepe area of Chilanga is near completion. A check by the Zambian Watchdog reveals that the area is heavily guarded by State House Police. A security cordon has been erected 300 meters from the house making it difficult for any one to get a close-range picture.

The house is located about four kilometers from the Kafue Road.


Wall fence to Sata' State Lodge house

Wall fence to Sata’ State Lodge house

From Lusaka go to Chilanga Cement now Lafarge. Drive straight as if you are going to Kafue, you will find some fish ponds on your left by pass that then you will find a new Bakery to your left. Next to the bakery is a place called Farmers Junction. Turn to your left there is a gravel road that has been well done. Follow the gravel up to a place where you will find a sign “Zesco Generation and Transmission Mapepe Substation”. There are two ways both the substation and the other route can still take you to Sata’s house. We advise you to maintain the right way it is better for driving.

Two kilometers from where the ZESCO sign is, you will find two hills. On the hill to your right, there is a telecommunication tower probably for Airtel and left hill you will find Sata’s huge mansion.

To avoid security risks, the house can also be viewed from Kafue Road without turning at the Farmers Junction. Just by pass the farmers junction abit as if you are driving to Kafue from Lusaka. There is a new construction site to your left being covered with iron sheets. Look up at the two hills to your left. One has a telecommunication tower and another has a huge mansion on top.

Some residents spoken to confirmed that Sata has been constructing the house for the past one year.

“Yes that is his house. We all know it here. We are surprised that you are not aware but it is very difficult to get pictures because of the security cordon,” one resident in the area said.

The Zambian Watchdog efforts to get a picture failed as the move could have exposed the cover because our source insisted never to attempt because some paramilitary officers were hiding in the bushes.

“Please do not even try. These people hide anywhere and once we are found. I will be in problems especially that I live here,” the source said.

The Watchdog reporter obliged in order to protect the source. The Zambian Watchdog is still investigating on how President Sata got the land at short notice though conflicting reports say it belonged to some white farmer near Lilayi and he got it during the MMD government when he seved as Minister of Local government.

Other reports suggest he got it from Mr. Morris Attala a very close friend to First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda. Mr. Attala is also a close ally to Fred Mmembe of the Post Newspapers. He is also a minority shareholder in the Post Newspapers. He is reported to have relocated to the United Kingdom.





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