Police reject appointment of criminal Chanda Chipalata to head Anti robbery

Police officers under the Anti robbery unit in Kabwe have rejected police headquarters’ maneuvers to appoint well documented car criminal Chanda Chipalata to head the section fearing that their lives will be at risk because Chipalata has a well known history of working with dangerous robbers.

Sources from the police headquarters have told the Watchdog that following the reorganization of some police departments, Chipalata was earmarked to be anti – robbery officer in charge at Kabwe, a position he once held but was removed following a spate of motor vehicle robberies which also claimed many lives of drivers mostly taxi drivers.

When word filtered through Kabwe, the officers protested to the division command and threatened to leave the section if Chipalata will be returned to the unit, he is currently the CIO for Kabwe district and has been behind the unexplained disappearance of dockets for his criminal allies.

“This man is a criminal, he works with dangerous criminals and if they put him as our boss, our lives would be at risk because he has a tendency of passing confidential operations information about the police. When there is a robbery, he gets a cut from the same robbers so they can even kill us just to satisfy their mission,” said an officer.

During Chipalata’s reign, over six drivers were killed but soon after his remova the thieves were apprehended and are appearing in court for aggravated robbery and murder charges. A tourist couple was also robbed in a Mkushi lodge.

The source also said Chipalata bribed some senior officers in order for him to be taken back to anti-robbery as officer in charge. Chipalata also works with another criminal and whimp in police attire only identified as Shibinda, also of Kabwe.

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