Sata’s spokesperson dumps wife

Sata’s spokesperson dumps wife




President Michael Sata’s press aide George Chellah has dumped his wife of nine years in preference for one of his girlfriends. Chellah moved out of the matrimonial home some two months ago and is staying in different hotels with different girls.

Chellah, who uses the name Michael Hova Chirwa on Facebook to insult and harass people who have divergent views from the PF has however not filed for divorce.

According to people close to him, George Michael Hova Chirwa Chellah is afraid of divorcing right now due to the negative publicity the divorce proceedings in court would attract.

Chellah, who makes money by among other underhand methods ‘selling’ appointments to see president Sata has so far built three mansions in Lusaka alone.

According to state house sources, for a businessman or potential investor especially of Asian origin to meet Sata, they have to bribe Chellah at least USD$10, 000.

Given the rampant corruption in the current government, no one can start a noteworthy business without first ‘oiling’ Sata or his officials.

In one of the local banks, someone deposits $5000 every day in Sata’s bank account.



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