Sick ex Kabwe Mayor evacuated after Watchdog expose

The family of former Kabwe Mayor Richard Yumbe who refused to take him to hospital opting for prayers have finally evacuated him following pressure from police and state security agencies who visited his Highridge residence on Tuesday.

Yumbe has been unwell and was earlier taken to hospital after which he partially recovered but again fell ill. The family said his illness was more of spiritual nature than physical therefore refused to take him to hospital but called in Pentecostal pastors to pray for him.

Intervention by his friends and business associates to convince the family to take him to hospital failed as they were turned away but after a watchdog expose on Tuesday, security agents rushed to the residence where they were told that he had been taken to the hospital.

As they did not have a search warrant, they could not enter the house but shortly after they left, the family after sensing some danger quickly took him to Levy Mwanawasa hospital where he is reportedly recovering. At the time of his evacuation, he was so ill he could not even speak.

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