ECZ asks Kabimba to explain more about the Kenyans smuggled to rig elections

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has challenged Justice minister and PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba to explain the role of the Kenyans he smuggled into Zambia to help PF win the 20111 general elections.

ECZ chairperson Judge Irene Mambilima said her organization was the only legally mandated body to conduct elections in Zambia and whoever wanted to participate must get clearance from the body. She said her organization conducted elections on the principle of free and fair and since Kabimba had admitted to smuggling in foreigners, he was in a better position to explain the role they played.

Early last month, Kabimba openly said that he had illegally smuggled in Kenyans to conduct Parallel vote tabulation (PVT) during the 2011 elections during which the ECZ website was hacked. Kabimba said if PF had lost the elections he could have been jailed for the illegal action but was now walking free because he was protected by the regime.

And a source from ECZ has told the Watchdog that the Kenyans smuggled by Kabimba were not accredited to the body. The source further said Kabimba deserved to be prosecuted because the action was criminal and breached the electoral act.

Meanwhile Malambo, Mulobezi and Petauke central constituencies by elections have remained indefinitely suspended in spite of the landmark supreme court ruling to allow the former MPs to recontest the elections.

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