Kabwe pastor arrested for raping congregant

A Kabwe based pastor has been arrested by police for raping a congregant of his church but the clergy man has pleaded for leniency from his church and the fiancé to the victim.

Apostle Lubona Chikwanda Matibini, Overseer of Divine embassy was found having forced sexual intercourse with a member of his church on Friday. This was after Matibini duped the congregant that he wanted to pray for her because she was moving into a new house in Railways compound but the victim sensed danger when after prayers the pastor became reluctant to leave.

The victim who is a fiancée to the pastor’s protocol officer (the man who carries his Holy Bible to the altar) then alerted some members of the church who quickly came in, forced the door open and found the pastor naked while the woman was crying. He was apprehended and whisked to Chowa police station, naked and in handcuffs after irate neighbours tried to lynch him.

Pastor Matibini is a close friend of Pastor Standwel Silundwe alias Pastor Sharma, the man who was last month arrested for aggravated robbery in Lusaka. Police sources have told the Watchdog that Matibini admitted to having raped the woman and also disclosed that he has been having numerous sexual affairs with other ladies within and outside the church.

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